Monday, August 14, 2017

Argentina: Remembering the 1968 UFO Fly-By over José Marmol

Date: 08.14.2017
A news item by Juan José Alarcón y Figueroa

Argentina: Remembering the 1968 UFO Fly-By Over José Mármol

It was over fifty years ago that UFOs were seen in the airspace over the district of Alte. Brown.

The UFO phenomenon exists in our region and is well-documented. We ascertained that many of our fellow resideents had sightings. They do not speak of them, as these are matters considered private and the source of much derision. Silence is therefore the rule.

An event ocurred in Almirante Brown well over forty years ago and it involved the presence of a UFO fleet seen by the townspeople of José Mármol one summer night in 1968. According to reports, a group noticed the presence of white spots in the sky, appearing among the clouds and moving swiftly, but still retaining a boomerang-like formation. Townspeople took to the streets pointing at the sky, feeling a collective shiver at being in the presence of the unknown.

Concepción Vitulano, now elderly, says the following: "I couldn't believe it. My children jumped for joy, shouting: 'The Martians are coming!' but I had my misgivings. It was the only time I ever saw something like it."

Nowadays, the locals do not discuss the subject much, and the few whor remain recall it as something very strange that happened one summer night, and which they will never forget.

Mass sightings are neither common nor frequent. This incident in José Mármol was among few in the locality, and even the entire region.

Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez