Thursday, August 24, 2017

Argentina: UFOs in the “Western Corridor”

Source: Vivi el Oeste
Date: 08.23.2017

UFOs in the Western Corridor: Experts explain the reason behind sightings in Greater Buenos Aires.

In an interview with Viví el Oeste, Luis Burgos, president of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogía, stated that the “Western Corridor”, as he terms the area covering La Matanza, Morón, Hurlingham, Merlo, Moreno, San Miguel, Ituzaingó and Luján, is an area that repeatedly features sightings of unidentified flying objects.
Luis Burgos is a UFO researcher whose interest in the phenomenon was awakened at age thirteen by the arrival of man on the Moon. His work – and that of his team around the country, which numbers over 150 researchers – consists in visiting areas from which calls are received.

The “hotspots” are Olavarria, Punto Indio and the Western Corridor, which includes areas ranging from Ramos to Luján, predominantly La Reja, Morón and Castelar, which have witnessed sightings since 2008, captured on video, photographs and eyewitness testimony.

According to the FAO’s statistics, one out of every ten Argentineans has had UFO experience in which “something was seen in the sky.” One of the better known cases involves the father of astrologer Ludovica Squirru who saw one of these objects “erupted” from the back of her home in Castelar. Another significant case involved a resident of Luján who saw a black triangle over his house. [Burgos] is one of the most important researchers in the country today.

While saying that he does not know why the western area has been singled out by these objects – perhaps on account of numerous air bases – “We get many calls due to lights, sightings during daytime hours and not only at night. Sometimes they are mistaken for insects, birds, but there are recordings and photographs in which [the objects] are clearly seen,” he explains.

While there are no cases in which occupants have seen descending from them, eyewitness accounts go back to the 1950s. It is for this reason that the researchers says it is an error to concentrate, for example, on such areas as Mount Uritorco when it comes to wanting to have an experience of this nature, as they are closer to home than one would think.

Not all calls merit a visit from the Fundación, but the most significant do. They bring with them the technology needed to measure radiation and face masks, should they have to deal with mutilated animals. They furthermore keep an eye out for fake information received, such as doctored videos, although they admit that when it comes to sightings, it is likely that people are confused due to a lack of knowledge.

Luis also explains that UFOs may not be extraterrestrial, and that time travelers could be involved, according to the theory that posits humans returning to our time from the future, beings from other dimensions or objects employed to conduct research, such as drones from other countries or military bases, among other speculations.

[Translation © 2017 S. Corrales, IHU]