Friday, September 08, 2017

Argentina: Tandil - Surrounded by Humanoids?

Source: El Editor Noticias en Línea
Date: 8 September 2017
An article by Juan Perone

Argentina: Tandil - Surrounded by Humanoids?

According to Luis Burgos, renowned expert and director of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia, the city of Olavarría and its environs are frequented by humanoids. These entities have taken a liking to the area and visit it every so often, for reasons that remain unknown, but providing endless fuel for Burgos's research.

One thing that cannot be questioned, and it substantiated by statistics, is that the city of the Fortabat has the disconcerting privilege of being the chosen Argentinean soil for those strange figures described as tall and willowy, while described by others as diminutive elves standing no taller than 20 centimeters.

The fascination inspired by "beings with transparent legs" or "metallic suits" in the area extends to Hinojo, Sierras Bayas and Sierra Chica. It also reaches the borders of Tapalqué and Azul. But for the moment, Tandil has not merited this rare interstellar privilege.

And here is the first caveat. Burgos displays his knowledge and reverses the contempt shown by the common man who associates the term "humanoid" with extraterrestrial. As he explained to Elias El Hage on Radio Tandil's El Cómplice program, these beings could just as well hail from the unconceivable outer world as easily as "parallel universes." And that's not all. Don't be surprised that they may be 'time travelers' engaged in activities at a time and date that is not their own.

"We are very cautious," Burgos explained to El Hage. "We use the term humanoids to describe all entities similar to a human being that pilots a ship and lands." Point taken.

Olavarría's primacy is determined by statistics. A significant portion of 5500 cases are recorded in the neighboring area. Researchers have no need to trek to Mount Uritoco or to the mountains of Salta. They have everything they need in the province of Buenos Aires. And what's even better: dozens of residents who tell their stories of sightings, encounters, paralyzing beams of light, visits to spacecraft and 40 to 60 watt lamps that glow incandescently like fog lights in the presence of these beings. According to their stories, these elongated albino shadows parade across the countryside or the city's slums with stunning indifference.

"Olavarría is number one in the country," says Burgos without any hesitation. Research has been conducted on-site and the results appear startling. The story began even before the 1960s, reaching a peak in the 1990s. Alien visitation became commonplace in the area known for cement.

For the moment, Tandil doesn't have a place in this arrangement of sightings, landings and interstellar or inter-temporal contacts. Due to a still-unnamed law, humanoid visitors avoid this land of abundant grey granite where self-sufficiency and incredulity are in ample supply.

"It's a mystery that's yet to be solved," Burgos said, regarding this geographical predilection. Why is there so much for some and so little for others remains a hidden variable. Although in this land of beating stones, caves that shift location in Las Animas and ancient slayings of a mystical bent, no humanoid visits are needed to plant the seed of confusion and bewilderment.

Burgos's blog ( can be visited to glean detailed knowledge of cases and their disquieting details. The expert wonders once and again about the reason for the predilection, which adds up to "60 occupants seen in 12 events". "The reason for this? Perhaps nobody knows, although it would be necessary to delve into social considerations, political context, geographic resources, etcetera," he argues.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU]