Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Argentina: A Triangular UFO in Mendoza (1976)

A lively UFO symposium known as the Café Ufológico de Mendoza is held on a regular basis in this Argentinean city's Café Five Stars, representing a source of "real time" information exchanges among students and witnesses of the phenomenon. The most recent such meeting was held on September 27, 2017 and was joined by Raúl Díaz, Ariel Godoy, Daniel Hendryk, Martín Fuentes, Alejandro Asalgado, Laura Lencinas, Laura González, Mariana Muñoz, Cristina Rodríguez, Violeta Moreno, Fernando Rodríguez, Susana Occelli, Héctor Sawiak, Diego Escolar, Alejandro Rosario, Miguel Marinelli and our friend and colleague Luis Emilio Annino.

Among the cases presented for discussion was a compelling sighting of a triangular UFO in the mid-1970s.

Mr. Annino writes: "First, we welcomed Cristina Rodríguez, who was accompanied by Violeta Moreno (both of them residing in the mountainous region of Potrerillos) and their brother Fernando Rodriguez. Having several surprising experiences to share, Cristina recalled a particular one from the spring of 1976, when she lived in a farm covering some six hectares in a rural region corresponding to Colonia Segovia in the Department of Guaymallen. Around 21:00 hours, while escorting her aunt, who was feeding a dog in another house, located 50 meters from the main residence, she beheld an incredible sight: A triangular flying object the size of a car and bearing three lights (red, white and blue) that came from behind the property, flying at the height of the surrounding poplar trees, which also lined a deep ditch. The flying object appeared to be flying over said ditch, almost vertically, tilting on its axis slightly as it progressed. The object had a peculiar feature: a sort of spotlight that swept along its path, as if looking for something. The aunt, frightened by this, fled the area while Cristina kept looking at the strange triangular object that suddenly turned itself off and vanished from her sight as it began entering a neighboring property near a high voltage tower. This was not her only experience, and Cristina will certainly say more about her unusual encounters in future meetings."

Our thanks as always to Guillermo Giménez for the information.