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Argentina: The Route 5 Teleportation Quandary

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Popular
Date: 11.07.2017
Article by Sebastián Aranguren

Argentina: The Route 5 Teleportation Quandary

To drive along the segment of National Route 4 connecting Trenque Lauquen and Santa Rosa can lead to unforeseen situations, such as instantaneously going from kilometer 460 to the kilometer 580 marker, a circumstance that leads to surprise, incredulity and even fear -- all of this arising from an experience that UFO researchers have dubbed teleportation.

In truth, the episodes regarding this phenomenon, which affects conventional vehicles and trucks alike, still has not been given a definite explanation by ufologists, who acknowledge that this segment of the highway is an area in which teleportation occurs and has considerable history.

There was a free for all of case histories of these events between January and December 2012, after which teleportation reports subsided and ceased to be of interest to the media. However, no one can say they do not occur, or that those who experience them refuse to tell their stories.

Luis Burgos of Investigadores de Campo Unidos (ICOU) believes teleportation is a phenomenon anchored to Route 5, which has historically been the epicenter of prominent UFO cases, although there is a lack of probative elements that can serve to build a theory aimed at explaining the anomaly.

"With the exception of the area UFO resarchers call 'El Nido' (The Nest), located between Routes 11 and 36 of the Province of Buenos Aires, Route 5 and the communities located in the province of La Pampa are, without a doubt, prone to a variety of UFO experiences, of which teleportations are one of the most interesting episodes," said Burgos to Diario Popular.

Burgos, who also heads the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO), an organization that conducted a number of UFO research endeavors in the sphere of influence of the aforementioned roadway, believes "we are hitherto unable to put forth any hypothesis about what happens there" in spite of the abundance of material that has been collected.

The researcher noted that the mystery of teleportations worldwide, and obviously along the 550 kilometer length of the road connecting Luján in Buenos Aires with Santa Rosa lies with the phenomenon called "missing time" - the absence of awareness by drivers, passengers and truck drivers as they traverse the phenomenon.

"This missing time," explained Burgos, delving into the characteristics of the anomaly, “is a strange situation that leads the experiencer to be unaware of the way in which they have been teleported several kilometers in a matter of seconds".
The expert stressed that the UFO libraries posit two forms of teleportation: "One is atemporal teleportation, in which the protagonist takes minutes, even hours, in regaining awareness in a location far removed from the one he or she was in before. The other," he added, “is instantaneous teleportation, which is the kind that usually occurs on Route 5 when drivers are not even aware that they have experienced the phenomenon, suddenly becoming aware when they see a mile marker or road sign that tells them they have traversed an unexpected distance in a matter of seconds".

The research by FAO member Diego Sánchez uncovered the case of Carlos Colón, a car mechanic who was driving is '98 Chevy pickup truck near the 465 kilometer marker on Route 5 on 25 August 1999. He was suddenly gripped by an unbearable buzzing sound that he ascribed to an electrical problem affecting the vehicle's radio.

Endeavoring to find an answer to the problem and keep listening to music on the FM band, he pulled over to the shoulder. Suddenly, he was startled to see humanoid figures approaching him within a sort of screen. He sought protection from the unknown by getting out of the vehicle and sheltering beside it. Terrified, he saw how minutes later, the screen and the humanoids within it vanished as if by magic. However, the mechanic would find that he was viewing this standing at a barbed wire fence several meters distant from the pickup truck, nor could he ever figure out how he reached the location he was finally at.

He ran to the pickup truck and took off quickly, feeling a sensation of extreme exhaustion which he would later explain to the physicians who attended to him as "a full body ache." He also felt dizzy, as though there had been a spike in his blood pressure. He recovered from this discomfort once the stressful moment came to an end.

"While Colón's experience is one of the more extreme cases, being that it includes the presence of humanoids, his subsequent feelings are common to those felt by all those who have experienced teleportation on Route 5, including the overwhelming tiredness," Burgos noted.

He also stressed that those who were about to experience the phenomenon would see fog along the road, sometimes in the shape of a whirlwind, specifying that the locations most prone to this sort of event, and others of a more UFO-related bent, are the localities of Catriló, Lonquimay, La Gloria, Uriburo and Anguil in La Pampa and Trenque Lauquén in Buenos Aires.

Returning to the research of "missing time" experiences, the FAO and ICOU leader underscored that these anomalies usually occur in broad daylight, in open areas, and in greater numbers toward Catriló and Santa Rosa. As far as the research conducted by his group is concerned, this area is known as "segment 4" of the Route 5.

Moreover, and based on the materials kept in his files, Burgos noted that "numerous UFO cases have occurred within Route 5's sphere of influence," adding that the first teleportation event in the country occurred in late 1959, only scant kilometers from Bahia Blanca.

There is the story of a man who drove his car along National Route 3 and suddenly felt very tired after seeing a purple light that managed to pierce through a dense fogbank - fog that had no business being there that time of the year. The man awoke to find himself on the ground, in a place that was not the province of Buenos Aires and worse yet, with his car nowhere in sight. While it was hard to understand, the reason was quite simple: He was in Salta (1800 kilometers distant), as a friendly truck driver informed him, and his car, as the Buenos Aires police would attest, was on the shoulder of Route 3, and still running.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]