Thursday, July 12, 2018

1965: "He Saw The Saucers"

Source: Siete Dias Magazine #35 - August 3, 1965
Date: 07.12.2018

Our friend and colleague Marcelo G. Metayer, whose photographic work we have been pleased to feature in Inexplicata, shared the following photograph with us. It appeared in Argentina's Siete Dias magazine (which went on to become Argentina's equivalent of LOOK or Paris Match). "At this point," Marcelo observes, "It was still a supplement in the La Razón newspaper."

The photo caption reads:


This is Captain Gustavo A. Giró, commander of the "Belgrano" Antarctic base. Months ago he was in charge of the installation of the "Sobral" detachment. 7 DIAS spoke to him recently by telephone when the presence of flying saucers over Antarctica became known. Captain Giró stated: "We are in full polar night. Today the temperature stands at 52.7 degrees below zero. We saw 'strange objects' but chose not to disclose it."

It should be noted that the Belgrano I base was abandoned in 1980. Belgrano II survives, along with a dozen other stations.