Monday, August 27, 2018

Argentina: Impressive UFO Photographed over Neuquén.

Source: Crónica and Planeta UFO
Date: 08.26.2018

Argentina: Impressive UFO Photographed over Neuquén.

Paranormal Phenomena Chronicle: An oil worker in Rincón de las Cenizas saw the flying object and did not hesitate to capture a record of the shocking moment.

An oil industry worker took this crisp photo showing an alien spacecraft in the skies of Patagonia.

This UFO was seen in a wilderness known as Rincón de las Cenizas, 50 kilometers distant from Rincón de los Sauces in the Province of Neuquén.

The photo was submitted by a member of Whatsapp fan group, and subsequently posted to Crónica's Whatsapp section with the permission of Cronica Fenomenos Paranormales (Paranormal Phenomena Chronicle). We are sharing it with our readers so is aware - as with the Villa María case - that our national territory is visited by civilizations from other worlds. What might these visitors be looking for?

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]