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Argentina: Watchman Allegedly Records Alien in Pasture and FAO
Date: 08.28. 2018
An Article by Jorge Fernandez Gentile

Argentina: Watchman Allegedly Records Alien in Pasture

Villa Maria is the third most important city in Cordoba as regards population and economy. Located at the heart of the province's territory, the customary occupations of its inhabitants are focused on agriculture, livestock and derivatives, tourism and regional products. In the middle of the Pampan plain on the soil of Cordoba, more than just one UFO phenomenon took place.

A watchman named Eduardo, who works for a private company, was startled by the presence of several lights on a neighboring field, and was nearly able to film at the same time a strange humanoid that appeared to stand up from the pastures to run away into the bushes upon being detected. All of this was recorded in a short video that shows the development of strange lights in the premises under his care. These lights left over ten small circles of burning grass and "something" that rises up out of the unknown.

This event was added to other sightings of strange lights that have taken place in recent weeks, aside from ground prints collected a short time ago, adding stupefaction and contradiction on the part of the former, who believe what is going on, and the latter, who are skeptics. Of course, the watchman's refusal to engage in further investigation made it impossible to delve deeper into this close encounter of the first kind, which shall almost surely remain unsolved, like many others.

Three Weeks Ago

As indicated in detail by Vision Ovni, the incident took place last Saturday, August 4, around five o'clock in the morning on the premises of the BPB company, formerly part of the Aero Club, located in the Ramón Carrillo district and the campus of the Villa Maria National University. The main protagonist is a security guard who saw some lights moving over the field behind the company for which he currently works, near a wilderness. Thus, and due to the strange activity, the decided to take a closer look. When he reached the site, 200 meters from his customary position, he first came across smoking burn marks on the ground, as if freshly burned.

"When my guard was over, I went out to patrol the wilderness in the bank. Since we have animals, we must look after them. But as I walked with the flashlight, I saw something burned in the grass. I started to feel fear, as this was out of the ordinary. When I looked up, I saw something moving. It was like an animal, something that hid. Something strange and out of the ordinary. I got scared and opened fire. I then phoned the factory bosses to tell them what had happened. That's what went on," he explained to several media outlets.

Eduardo's eyewitness account can be seen in video in several different digital media, but the most significant thing is that it dovetails with the stories provided by some locals, who claimed having seen strange lights flying over the neighborhood that same morning and time. What strikes their attention is that a few months ago, a local had recorded unexplained lights at Pereyra y Dominguez Park as they flew at high speed toward Barrio Carrillo, the new district of the major locality that stands between the old Aero Club and the college campus. A place where strange prints had been found earlier, and where the lights of aircraft could be seen in the skies. However, these seemed to issue from other flying objects that no one has hitherto been able to identify.

What the Video Shows

The video shows images of a dark early morning, pre-daybreak. A dog can be heard barking, not too far away, in the presence of something that appeared to come out of nowhere, which startled the watchman. Frightened, he opened fire and took off running. Hours later he said: "I saw something like an animal, but I don't think it really was. It was strange, something out of the ordinary," he explained.

Something is evident and certain: the man, no matter how much he wanted to find out what had transpired, was overcome by fear upon seeing the strange being that appered before him, scant meters away. The images recorded, enhanced by the Visión OVNI researchers to see the creature in the greatest detail possible (as far as the video's quality will allow), show an entity that appears to rise up from the ground, standing straight before vanishing into the darkness of the night, all very suddenly. In very few seconds. This leaves us questioning what it might have been. The lights seen in the background correspond to images similar to many other UFO sightings, which further the possible presence of a humanoid (or a hologram controlled from the craft?) supposedly investigating the area, the soil, or who knows what else.

Many Apparitions

The most incredible fact is that for some time now, Villa María appears to have been the focus of strange visits from what appear to be otherworldly craft. Thus, in recent motnhs, witnesses report seeing strange lights (UFO-shaped) in the area and phenomena such as cattle mutilations. On more than one occasion, animals with surgical incisions on several parts of their bodies have been found. Prestigious researcher Luis Burgos, president of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO), who had visited the area days earlier, attemepted a field observation, joining forces with Juan Carlos Masiero (host of the "El Holograma Tierra" program, the only one devoted to UFOS and other realities in the city's radio history between 2014-16)

Masiero and Brugos visited the company and noon, and saw a idylic landscape with an artificial lake and a herd of carpinchos, something impossible for these parts, which surpised both. Then they met Eduardo, the watchman, who to their surprise abruptly said: "You cannot pass" when they asked to see the burned grass, and whose behavior was susbsequently evasive.

When asked by Masiero, Eduardo replied: "I don't have anything more to say. It happened back there, in the wilderness. I've nothing more to say." Eduardo walked away without raising the security barrier or waving goodbye.


Obviously, the researchers did not give up. They walked around the premises until they reached the site, a virgin carob tree grove surrounded by a wire fence and a tersely worded sign: "Access Forbidden. Private Property." Both agreed that the man had seen something, but when he expanded on the experience, was subsequently a target of mockery by many, particularly those who do not have an idea of what might have happened, and a broader understanding as regards the meaning of the UFO phenomenon.

Case Unsolved

As a survey of the area by researchers is not possible, no analysis of water and animal samples has been possible. No chemical soil analysis, temperature readings or evaluation of the burned grass, measurement of the marks, verification of the absence of minerals and soil evaluation has been conducted either, with a view toward ascertaining if there was pressure on the ground - a way of learning how much a putative object would have weighted.

As researcher Burgos says in his blog, what Eduardo saw wasn't serendipity, but causality, as the lights were in the same area where others were seen. This is not the first time this happened. There is something "textbook" about Eduardo's experience that occurs in many close encounters. Cases in which UFOs land in places where water and animals are present, and at night to avoid detection, are numerous.

The marks could be the result of a laser or teleportation device - a technology we are unable to conceive. As to what the security guard might have seen, according to the researcher, it could have been a teleported extraterrestrial or a projection that descended to study soil and animals up close. Or perhaps it searched for water or some strange mineral they needed. He ends with a very comprehensie phrase: "In order to understand this, we must think holistically. That is, we must unplug from a 3-D perception. We must understand that ignorant human beings live on Planet earth, but for a long time, they have been abducting people and animals, experimenting on our bodies and our minds..."


[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos (FAO) and Jorge Fernández Gentile]