Thursday, September 27, 2018

Argentina: Resident of Salta Photographs Strange Phenomenon

Sources: El Tribuno, Planeta UFO & Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 09.27.2018
An article by Daniel Sagárnaga

Argentina: Resident of Salta Photographs Strange Phenomenon

Last Friday, only minutes away from 20:00 hours, architect Ignacio Pancetti was strolling with his family through the town square of the El Prado district in the city's southwestern reaches when he witnessed an unusual event. A shape-changing light was visible in the clear sky, right beside the moon.

"It was traveling from the southwest and heading northeast. I thought it was an airplane flying at high altitude. Then I thought it was a satellite. Suddenly, well above me, it remained still and began to oscillate, coming and going. Was it an airplane maneuvering to lose altitude? It was insane. So I took out my cellphone (a Samsung G7, set the recorder to the maximum zoom position (x8), but only a point of light was visible without greater detail. So I thought to switch to photo mode and leave it at the maximum film exposure, magnifying the zoom to 8. When I opened it, I began to see how it transformed. First it was only a light, and then something like an explosion, a ring like a washer with a light in its middle that vanished, regenerated, and would explode after a while. I took some 200 photos. This went on until ten minutes past eight, but I had to go. The phenomenon continued. When I uploaded the photos, many people told me they had seen it, too," says Ignacio.

Truly, people like N. Avellaneda and Cuqui Salas on Facebook also claim to have seen the phenomenon. "What strikes me is that it didn't fall like a meteorite, but rather followed a trajectory first, and then it stopped, oscillated and remained fixed in the sky. These are things that make you think, as it was not an element in free fall, but something that cannot be recorded. It could be the manifestation of some sort of energy, due to the explosions. The photos do not show a well-defined, exact object. I suppose that it was at a relatively low altitude, since I was able to capture details with the cellphone's zoom," explains the architect, saying it's the first time he has had such an experience.

The fact is that we could speak of a small "UFO flap" Salta, where sightings have been going on since January, when a tourist on the Tren a las Nubes captured a metallic object that flew in the sky over Quebrada del Toro. Later, in Rosario de la Frontera, local fire chief José Exequiel Alvarez claimed to have made contact with the operators of these vehicles, recording them twice in the sky by way of confirmation. A fleet of lights that shook eyewitnesses was also seen in Oran. Then in Salta, in mid-August. What's going on?

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO) and Luis Burgos (FAO / ICOU)]