Monday, September 17, 2018

Argentina: Strange Luminous Object in Saldungaray

Argentina: Strange Luminous Object in Saldungaray
Date: 09.17.2018
By Luis Burgos, FAO

Once again our contributor Felipe Flores, the protagonist of the event that took place on August 1st, has informed us of a remarkable sighting that occurred on Wednesday, September 12 in Saldungaray, a locality in southern Buenos Aires province. That night, he went out hunting with his stepson, 17, and traveled some twelve kilometers to a hill in the region.

At 21:30 hours both were able to see a strange, yellowish light toward the south. This light was static and only a few degrees over the horizon. Over the course of several minutes, it changed to a reddish color until it vanished altogether, not without giving off a few flashes before doing so.

While the witnesses were unable to specify the distance, the night, covered in a fine layer of fog, helped them tell the aerial body was only a few kilometers distant from their location.

Astronomy software packages were consulted and the only star visible at 21:30 hours on the southern horizon was Canopus, but with a magnitude only -0.9, added to the prevailing fog, made it unlikely as the possible cause of some confusion. At that same time, but in the region of Puerto Madero, in Capital Federal (Federal District), Walter Ruiz Diaz and his girlfriend were witnessing a similar phenomenon toward the Río de la Plata.