Monday, December 31, 2018

Argentina: Corroboration for the 1984 UFO Flotilla Sighting

Argentina: Corroboration for the 1984 UFO Flotilla Sighting


Swift Transit of UFO Flotilla Observed

The transit of a flotilla of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over Capital Federal and Greater Buenos Aires was witnessed at 0250 hours yesterday by several people in various locations, despite the fact that the radar units at Ezeiza International Airport did not record any variation in their detection systems.

Journalist Gustavo Fernandez, who was at the Retiro Bus Station broadcasting alternatives to the long-distance transportation strike for Radio Splendid, noticed the strange formation, which consisted of eight flying objects flying over the skies of Buenos Aires from East to West, leaving a large luminous streak in its wake. The chronicler reported the phenomenon immediately, noting that "the UFOs are traveling at a speed greater than any aircraft flying over the area, whether about to land or take off from the Jorge Newberry Airfield."

Two witnesses informed Clarín that they had witnessed the UFOs from Parque Patricios, advising that these were "parallel and horizontal trails of yellow light - two of them in the lead, and the remaining six following a short distance away - and which lasted in the sky approximately half a minute before vanishing from sight.

In Córdoba

Sources at the Córdoba International Airport denied claims that their radar screens detected the passage of a UFO flotilla at around 0240 hours.

An Interpretation

Space experts estimated yesterday that a series of luminous phenomena seen during the early morning hours in the skies over Capital Federal and other cities could correspond to debris particles from the Westar VI satellite which was lost in space following a launch from the space shuttle Challenger. [The satellite] allegedly disintegrated.