Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Argentina: A UFO over the Promenade?

Source: Luis Burgos and TiempoSur (
Date: 09.14.2019

Argentina: A UFO over the Promenade?

A resident of Rio Gallegos visited the TiempoSur newsroom to furnish her account of what she saw in the afternoon as she strolled about with a child. She claimed having taken a strange photo on her cellphone.

This afternoon, the TiempoSur newsroom was visited by a townswoman who wanted to show an image that had captured her imagination. The photo was takin then this afternoon as she strolled along the city's coastal walkway. A small girl can be seen riding her bike on the promenade and above her, in the sky, are the lights that drew the woman's attention.

The townswoman was confused by the strange glow recorded on the phone and was unable to figure out what she had seen.