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Chile: Strange Object Fell on Chiloé Island; Visible from Bariloche (Argentina)

Source: Luis Burgos and El Cordillerano (
Date: 09.26.2019

Chile: Strange Object Fell on Chiloé Island; Visible from Bariloche (Argentina)

A strange luminous object fell on Wednesday (09.24.19) at night in a rural area of the island of Chiloé and was visible from Bariloche, according to residents.

The object's remnants caused fire outbreaks in the region, but these did not become extensive. Its nature remains unknown.

Alejandro Vergés, director of Chile's National Emergency Office (ONEMI) told the El Expreso Periodisitico radio show (93.7 FM) hosted by Antonio Zidar that "the information we have on hand comes from shocking reports and photo evidence."

"Specifically, what happened was that between 20:15 and 20:30 hours, people witnessed the fall of a luminous object from the sky toward a rural area near the Dalcahaue Commune," he explained. "This element caused fire to break out simultaneously in different locations. Firefighters noted that there were odors not attributable to the burning of grass."

ONEMI ordered the sector to be placed under isolation "as a preventive measure to safeguard evidence."

When consulted by the radio show, Sergio Segade, a resident of Bariloche (Argentina) claimed having seen the object. "It isn't the first time I've seen an object fall, but this one caught my attention due to its color. I saw it from Paseo del Este, which is near the La Colina district, walking toward the Las Victorias district. I was with friends, and someone said: "Look, look!" and we looked up and saw it fall."

"It was greenish blue, changing hues. Once it fell behind the mountain a white wake was visible for a long time, some five minutes, before dissipating little by little. It fell at a 45 degree angle behind Cerro López," he explained.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO & ICOU]