Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Sampling of Freixedo's Work.

From impassioned dissertations on religion and the state of Christianity (mainly Catholicism) in the post Vatican II years to explorations of the paranormal and ufology (which is a subset of the paranormal, a thought found irksome by some), Salvador Freixedo's books opened many eyes and minds. In the words of the late Gordon Creighton: "I regard him as one of the most important world-authorities in this accursed subject of UFOs. He was one of the first to see through the fog of lies and misrepresentation, and to perceive that at least a very large part of our confounded subject is of a downright demonic nature. (Which, of course, nobody wants to hear!) - [Flying Saucer Review, Vol.36, No.4 Winter 1991]