Sunday, October 27, 2019

Panama: Unidentified Aerial Object Recorded Over Shopping Center

Unidentified Aerial Object recorded over a shopping center in Panama. Source: Pedro Ramirez, ufologist. He writes: A new piece of UFO evidence has appeared in Central America. As we have documented, the UFO phenomenon has not stopped. The alien presence remains 'active' on various points of the planet. October 9, 2019: Jose Angel Castro was on his way to the shopping center with a companion when they saw the 'flying saucer' some 500 meters distant. It was a cloudy day with rain about to fall, the time was 10:31 in the morning. Before recording, they confirmed that it was a indeed a UFO - the object had domes on its upper and lower sections, visible to the unaided eye. They tried to draw the attention of the workers engaged in maintenance at the shopping center (being closer to the object), but their efforts were fruitless and did not make themselves heard. Jose Angel quickly captured the UFO presence with his cellphone, noticing that the object changed colors throughout the video. What appeared to be "ceramic" white turned silvery. Finally, Jose Angel had managed to see and record a UFO, something he had yearned for. This is part of the conversation I had with Jose Angel Castro a few minutes ago, in which he further confirmed that the video is completely genuine. The time to believe is now.


[Translation (c) 2019 Inexplicata with thanks to Pedro Ramírez and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]