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Argentina: Strange Object Photographed over Lake Nahuel Huapi

Source: Planeta UFO and
Date: 11/7/2019

Argentina: Strange Object Photographed over Lake Nahuel Huapi

Following publication of a news item regarding a UFO sighting in the Brazo Huemul area, other local residents bore witness to having seen a similar phenomenon.

"We saw exactly the same thing at the same location, coming in from Bariloche around 20:00 hours on Wednesday the 18th (October). The object's glow caught our attention - it unquestionably was not a heavenly body. It was far too shiny and was suspended. We followed it to Puerto Manzano. It made a sudden movement and we lost it from sight," says another resident of Villa La Angostura in a message posted to the web. "When we got home, we tried to identify it again but it was no longer there," he adds.

Another resident of Villa La Angostura noted: "Several years ago, upon leaving school, we saw several lights making unknown movements. I later recall that they appeared over El Dormilón and between Brazo Machete and Rincon. Very interesting."

The most recent sighting (as far as the press is concerned) was in August 2014, when a couple from Neuquén was startled at having photographed two dark objects hanging in the sky. Claudio Ghezzi and his wife returned to Neuquén, startled after discovering that two dark oval objects had appeared during their long weekend stay in Bariloche. They did not hesitate to identify them as UFOs.

Ghezzi is an orthodontist and a faithful visitor to Bariloche and Dina Huapi, where he has a cabin. During one long weekend, he decided to enjoy the springlike weather of the Cordillera with his partner. Furthermore, he was breaking in a recent generation smartphone on which he recorded the mysterious apparition that allegedly flew over Lake Nahuel Huapi with incredible speed.

Enthused by the sighting, he said that the two oval objects appeared in a single photo of a sequence taken on Monday (08/18) at 13:40 on the way into the city.

"My wife's cellphone takes photos every five seconds and we took a lot of photos. On Tuesday, returning to Neuquén, we looked through the images and I saw two dots in the sky. I told myself, "this isn't normal", as they weren't in the previous shot or in the following one," said the man who related the oval spots with UFOs and stressed the speed with which they crossed the sky.

What stunned the orthodontist from Neuquén the most is that the unidentifed flying objects crossed the Cordilleran sky in utter silence.

"I always had doubts, but now I'm sure there's life out there on other planets, and that it is highly advanced given the speed at which they crossed the city," Ghezzi confided, reiterating that "one always has the same question, the doubt. I no longer have it, because I have the photo."

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]