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Paranormal: The Story of Mexico's Guadalupe Witch

Source: Planeta UFO and
Date: November 1, 2019

Paranormal: The Story of Mexico's Guadalupe Witch
By Ernesto Ochoa

In 2004, a municipal policeman claimed having been assaulted by a witch - a case which became one of the best-known supernatural cases in the state of Nuevo León.

Witches have a long story behind them. We associate their appearance with an ugly crone, clad in a black tunic, wearing a pointed hat and flying on a broomstick. The fact is that over the years, sorceresses have undergone a transformation.

The state of Nuevo León has some living legends.

The Guadalupe Witch

On January 16, 2004, Leonardo Samaniego, a police officer from the town of Guadalupe, was patrolling the streets of the Valle de la Silla district without any idea of the unusual experience that awaited him.

That morning would prove to be an atypical event for reporter Alberto Vázquez, who roamed the streets looking to write his next feature.

"On the radio, we managed to hear policemen requesting an ambulance because one of their fellows was unconscious. There was an air of desperation, because the prior to losing consciousness, the officer claimed having seen a witch," the reporter recalls.

When he reached the scene, Officer Samaniego was being treated by paramedics.

"We dared to interview him, because his skin tone wasn't that of a normal person. He was pale white and shivering."

The officer told his story.

"A person fell on top of me from above, dressed in black. It followed me. I requested backup, but it chased me, flying," Samaniego said in a documented interview. His encounter with the sinister character became world-known, drawing the attention of paranormal researchers.

Diana Perla Chapa, founder of Ovni Club, interviewed the policeman at the time.

"He told us some startling things during the interview. [It] placed its hands on the windshield, to the extent that he was able to see the lines on its hands. The thing followed him, as though trying to stick its arm into the squad car," recalls Diana Perla.

The officer was taken to a hospital, were all manner of tests were performed to see if he was intoxicated or suffering from hallucinations. The results were negative.

But some things happened that Samaniego does not remember. "After he fainted, and regained consciousness, he asked for help." Something happened during that missing time that he cannot remember.

"He was inside the squad car with the seatbelt on, his bulletproof vest on, but his clothes were unbuttoned - his shirt, his pants and his boots [were unlaced]," explains Diana Perla.

Seven years later, in 2001, the officer quit the force and is now involved in a different line of work.

The mythic Guadalupe Witch is part of a living legend. In every story, there is a witch among us.

[Translation (c) 2019 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Ernesto Ochoa]