Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Mexico: Alleged "Wolfman" Terrorizes Chiapas Residents During Lockdown

Date: April 12, 2020

Mexico: Alleged "Wolfman" Terrorizes Chiapas Residents During Lockdown

Allegations that a lycanthrope has been prowling the city streets have emerged in the municipality of Ocozoconuautla. It has been howiling and scratching the ground prompting a search by locals.

During the prevailing state of lockdown, several residents of a Chiapas town have spent sleepless nights due the alleged presence of a wolfman on the streets.

Social media reported that residents of the Municipality of Ocozocoautla (Coita) in Chiapas have reportedly seen an animal resembling a wolfman, and there are those who report having heard the howls of this mythical creature, who has caused concern among certain segments of the population.

On Friday night, residents emerged from their homes in the neighborhoods of Mirador and Juan Sabines wielding machetes and sticks, as they searched for the lycanthrope.

Videos have been uploaded to social media in which a wolf's howl is apparently heard. The authenticity of this material is unknown, although uncertaintly does exist due to the Coita wolfman.

VIDEO: (Note: the video consists of footage of people on the street and a girl engaged in a phone conversation)