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Argentina: "I've Seen a UFO" - The 1965 Zuk Case

Source: PLANETA UFO (Argentina) and
Date: 05.01.2020
An article by Marcelo de Lisio for SerArgentino

Argentina: "I've Seen a UFO" - The 1965 Zuk Case

Although it may be hard to believe, UFOs arrived in the province of Misiones a long time ago. This is the Zuk case, one of the first on record in 1965.

UFOs form part of a mythology that covers all corners of the world. One in ten people claim having seen a flying saucer at some point of their lives. The province of Misiones is plagued by extraterrestrial craft sightings with all manner of occupants: green, blue, red, three-eyed, tentacled, etc. However, few cases have been documented. Luckily for ufology in Misiones, "the Zuk case" is one them.

The 1950s and 1960s were the boom of flying saucer sightings, but that was something Casimiro Zuk, a 22 year old bachelor living in lot 171 of the Apóstoles development in Misiones, could have known. "I've seen a flying saucer," he said.

Believe or Bust

It was a night like any other, with neither rain nor fog. The date was 23 August 1965 around 1:00 a.m.. Zuk was pedaling his bicycle along the road joining the Centinela wilderness with the city of Apóstoles. Upon reaching the General Urquiza railroad crossing, he suddenly noticed a luminous object overhead, floating at an altitude of 3500 meters. The scintillating body turned on and off for a number of seconds. Zuk stopped and got off his bike. He suddenly became aware that the object was approaching, descending some 400 meters away from where he stood.

He could not believe his eyes. The object was a sort of elongated aerial vehicle, with an approximate diameter of five meters in its midsection. The total height of the craft 2.5 meters.

Neither Green nor Red

"Suddenly, a hatch began opening slowly, and a normal-sized person emerged. It was dressed in an outfit similar to that of an aviator (coveralls) that covered its body from head to toe. The suit gave off flashes of light. The figure took a few steps, as if wanting to stretch its legs, and then returned to the craft rigidly. After the hatch closed, the object took flight, rising in a spiral, and a sort of roaring sound could be heard," according to Zuk.

The Casimiro Zuk case is one of many sightings that have occurred in the province of Misiones. According to those having knowledge of the subject, the rural areas of Misiones have invited aliens to land. Once a year, someone sees mysterious lights crossing the skies. Are they ancient Guaraní civilizations? Ambassadors from the future? No one knows. The fact is that 55 years later, "the Zuk case" is far from having an explanation.

[Translation © 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez of Planeta UFO and Marcelo de Lisio, SerArgentino]