Monday, June 15, 2020

Argentina: "Swarm of Lights" over Buenos Aires

Source: El Horizonte (Mexico) and Planeta UFO (Argentina) Date: 06.15.2020 Argentina: "Swarm of Lights" over Buenos Aires ARGENTINA - A number of videos showing unidentified flying objects quickly went viral through Twitter, placing the word UFO among the trending topics of that social network. Footage was mainly obtiained from several states [provinces] of Argentina, such as Córdoba, Tucumán, Buenos Aires and Rosario. However, some users noted having experienced sightings in certain parts of Uruguay. This is one of the videos recorded in the province of La Rioja, from which a series of mysterious lights can be made out in the cloudy afternoon skies. One of the more shocking videos, however, was recoreded in Bosques de Palermo, where cybernauts claimed witnessing an alleged "alien spacecraft". Later on, a user identified as Nazarena Romer 18 also shared her material, capturing over 20 lights in the clear skies over Buenos Aires. LINKS TO VIDEOS: 1st video: [Agus - OMG, this was recorded in La Rioja, a girlfriend sent it to me # Ovnis] 2nd video: [Galatik - from Bosques of Palermo as I ran with my roomate # ovnis]