Thursday, June 25, 2020

Mexico: Alleged UFO Photographed Over Champotón Bay

Source: Tribuna de Campeche (Mexico) and Planeta UFO (Argentina)
Date: 06.24.2020

Mexico: Alleged UFO Photographed Over Champotón Bay

Yesterday at 19:15 hours, local resident Luciano Carrillo captured an alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) over Champotón Bay. Visibility was low due to dust originating in the Sahara Desert.

The images were taken from Luciano Carrillo's cellphone in the vicnity of the Megaletras scenic lookout.

The author of the images explained that he was taking in the view - made unusual by the transoceanic dust storm - when he saw an object flying on the horizon.

"I immediately took the photos and shared them in my social network. The characteristics are very similar to those of a flying saucer," he said.

The image shows the small island in the bay with an object in the background. It has characteristics similar to those of a UFO.

[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO. Photo credit: Luciano Carrillo]