Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Argentina: Two Fishermen Witness Strange Lights Near Fortín Lagunita








Researcher Luis Burgos draws our attention to the following news item:

Source: Ultimo Momento Noticias // Date: 10.20.2020

HUERGO - Two Fishermen Witness Strange Lights Near Fortín Lagunita, Claim They Were UFOs.

[X-Files theme begins]

Reporter: "The event occured between 8:30 pm and 9:00 a.m., just as the internet went down in the entire locality. They wanted to photograph what they were seeing, what their eyes were showing them, but their cellphones went dead. Their car battery was dead, and it was necessary to push the car in order to start it up. Another incident took place not far from this area, thirty meters from Fortín Lagunita in the La Balsa Lagoon. As we all know, events of a similar magnitude occured here years ago in the vicinty of the Balneario Viejo (the old beach), where two people in a car claimed having eluded becoming victims of a UFO abduction."

"One of the fishermen is will to share his experience with all of us...what happened to him yesterday in the river area."

Fisherman: "Last night between eight thirty and nine o'clock I was fishing here with a friend, spending time, and well, something happened. Something we never expected to experience. Something I always laughed at, since I didn't believe in paranormal events. Well, it was our turn this time. Over there, we saw lights go on, looked in that direction and heard a sound, a very loud sound, but when we saw the situation, we tried to take photos of it with our cellphones, which were off. Ah, well...but they [the lights] hid between the willows, and we got scared. We got in the car, and it was dead, as were our cellphones. They'd shut everything down on us. Ah, well, that's all - it was all very strange,and when we wanted to get out, we couldn't with a dead battery. We had no choice but to give the car a push. The lights hovered ten meters over the water and then hid themselves over here (camera pans to willows) on that island...that's all."

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 [Translation and transcription: Scott Corrales (c) 2020 IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos and Walter Romero, FAO]