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High Strangeness: Argentina's Domselaar Case (1972)









Source: Planeta UFO (Guillermo Giménez) and Argentina Investigaciones y Reportes OVNI (Esteban Dylan)

Date: 09.25.2020

 High Strangeness: Argentina's Domselaar Case (1972)

By Esteban Dylan

 An Astonishing Case Forgotten by Time

The Domselaar Case, Parish of San Vicente, Province of Buenos Aires (32 km south of the city of Buenos Aires), 1972 - Witnesses: ROBERTO MANCO, CARLOS MANCO , MIGUEL ANGEL MANCO, CARLOS PONZIO

 It was winter in the wilderness of Domselaar when our friend Luis told us about the disquieting fact one evening. "My granddad saw aliens around these parts."

 His statement was met by the prescribed laughter and disbelieving adolescent stares. "So what were they like?" asked Ariel.

 "According to my granddad, it was a reddish being that walked by floating a meter off the ground, and who seemed to be herding cows." Uncomfortable laughter erupted, followed by the deadly silence of midnight, which was logical, since were all alone in that cold and cheerless place, and were starting to feel that 'something' was watching us from every corner. Our fishing trip had been turned into a night of endless drinking of 'mate' and insomnia. The fact was that Roberto Manco, Luis's grandfather, whom we all called "Don Tito", hand been the witness to one of Argentina's most startling cases, studied by Fabio Zerpa, and whose details appeared in the pages of the 1990 annual edition of the legendary "Cuarta Dimensión" magazine.

 The First Event.

On 11 September 2020 I managed to contact witness CARLOS MANCO, known in his neighborhood as "Kalata" and who currently lives in the locality of Claypole, parish of Almirante Brown in the Buenos Aires suburbs. He very kindly offered to retell his experience.

"It was the summer of 1972 and we walked, as we usually did, because we liked those open fields with small trees near the bridge located West of Rt. 210. We saw circles of various sizes with charred grass. The following day we went back and saw the rings were greenish and filled with large mushrooms. This why Fabio Zerpa took an interest in the case (Fabio Zerpa makes the following note: 'the subject of mushrooms was present throughout the 1970s, particularly in the Province of Santa Fe (the Caracaña and Correa cases, the fields of the Damiani family). The Calvatium Lilacina specimens grew to enormous size in perfect circles following a UFO landing, forming the so-called "fairy rings" or "witch rings"

The Second Event.

Mr. Roberto Manco ("Don Tito"), who died a few years ago in Jeppener, where he lived, once told me when I visited his home that around 1973 he witnessed a red-colored "ENTITY" that ran and floated about a meter off the ground. It wore a sort of floating cape, with several cows running behind it. He was stunned and did not want to get too close out of fear. He later added that the being and the cows ran toward a mill adjacent to a nearby wilderness, following the path usually taken by the cows. The cows and the being 'vanished' after making a bend on the trail. The next day, the estate's foreman said that 14 cows had vanished, never to be found again. There were no traces or signs of any truck having entered the area. The nearest road is 3 kilometers distant, which eliminated the theory of cattle rustlers operating in the area. Added to this was the disappearance of the mill and its water tank, leaving a 'crater' behind. Stranger still, 'everything was back in its place' as if nothing had ever happened.

 [Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Esteban Dylan, Adriana Ferreyra, Yoemi Gisele]