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Argentina: The Mysterious Object at Arroyo La Tela


Source: OVNS Siglo XXI (luisburgosovni.

Date: 28 January 2021


Argentina: The Mysterious Object at Arroyo La Tela

By Luis Burgos

 At nightfall on Friday, December 25, 2020, as the year faded, a couple from La Plata decided to visit the countryside south of the city of La Plata and stop for a drink in the area known as Arroyo El Tela, located behind the garrison of the 7th Infantry Regiment, which had long ago seen us prowling the area in search of small nocturnal artifacts - according to the frightened local populace - which turned out to be drones. As it turned out the military facility was aware of them, as well as the local police, which kept receiving constant calls regarding these little machines whose purposes were unknown.

 Matters being thus, time went by slowly and around 2100 hours, practically night, the husband alerted the wife to the presence of an unknown object as they took landscape shots from a height. The dark object was suspended only a few meters above, and behaved as though "it was watching them" according to the witness. The distance was no greater than 200 meters and its shape resembled that of a very large condor or eagle. The thickness of its wings was striking.

 When the wife looked up, she thought it was a kite, although surprised by the fact that it remained static despite the prevailing wind. The object remained in position for 30 seconds, and while the wife attempted to place the camera on a tripod for a better shot, the darkness now reigned over the area. The intruder began flying in a downward direction, into the countryside, without any flapping motion being detected. To the contrary, its movement was even and in a straight line. If both spouses were looking for something unconventional to compare it to, the likeliest thing would be "a sort of boomerang" rather than a triangle. However, the briefness of the sighting worked against them, as often occurs in ufology.

 On Site Investigation

 A FAO (Argentinean UFO Foundation) team formed by Lucia Lopez, Juan Lanza, Nelson Polanco and the author himself, visited the site to reconstruct the events based on the information supplied by the protagonists of the December incident, and whose names are held in confidence as per agreement. After an inspection of the area in the afternoon, we spent time observing and documenting the local fauna searching for a bird whose wingspan could have confused the couple. At night, the birds were restricted to small regional specimens known by the locals as aguiluchos, caracoleros, chimangos, etc., in other words, common carrion birds in search of prey, which did not match the image of the alleged object seen by the couple in December.

 Before we departed the area, we were approached by the owner of the property who was closing the gates that were left open by fishermen, giving cows an opportunity to escape. When asked if he was aware of any reports of unidentified activity, he said no. After witnessing the presence of several poachers with their trained greyhounds, we decided to withdraw, but determined to return for a new night watch, as the quiet and good visibility in the area makes it worthy of further research.


 The initial working hypothesis upon concluding our investigation leads us to believe that "a very large bird, perhaps not a native specimen" crossed the area, hovering for over 30 seconds after having been attracted by something, possibly nourishment. The second hypothesis leads us to the disquieting possibility that a small aerial vehicle, larger than a drone and with a unique configuration, was conducting a reconnaissance or testing mission. Something like a triangular-shaped probe. Should it be possible to validate the latter, we must ask: does the proximity of the Infantry Regiment have something to do with it? Are they aware of absolutely everything that goes on in the premises, which contain a significant arsenal? Questions that cannot be answered for the moment.

 [Translation (c) 2021 Scott Corrales with thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO/ICOU]

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