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Argentina: UFO Reported Over the City of Roque Peréz










Source: PLANETA UFO and Noticias por El Mundo (Argentina)
Date: 02.06.2021
An article by Mario Bustamante

Argentina: UFO Reported Over the City of Roque Peréz

At 12:45 this Saturday a UFO was reported over the city of Roque Pérez. Several people contacted Cronica and repeating the same story: something resembling an 'upside down half nut' flew across the community's skies.

A local resident described his experience:

"We were in the countryside, setting up an event on Route 205, Km. 136. We were done and about to have some refreshments. Looking skyward, I saw the moon and noticed a kind of upside down half nut pass by. I called a co-worker to have a look. He also saw it and was astonished, being the first time he'd seen such a thing in broad daylight," said the witness, who is still astonished.

The same person said that he 'shouted' for a third party, but by the time she came over, the object had disappeared. Due to the speed at which the object moved, he didn't manage to take a photo, but he took a piece of paper and drew what he had seen.

The city of Roque Pérez and its surroundings have a long history of involvement with UFOs. In 1991, around 3 a.m. a truck driver surnamed Torres and two co-workers were driving aboard a truck belonging to a local poultry company from Begueri to Roque Pérez. Making their way along dusty Route 20, they saw a very powerful source of light. They said that its colors changed and that it engaged in unsteady movements and circles at considerable height. The object was only slightly larger than the morning star, moved slowly and without making any noise whatsoever. After two minutes, the object vanished from sight heading West. The three witnesses were startled.

This news item is still developing and we are traveling to the site to see if photos, videos and eyewitness accounts can be obtained. In recent months many voices have provided information on the presence of these strange lights in the local skies. Some are convinced that it all has to do with the Salado River only a few kilometers from the city.

[Translation (c) 2021 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]