Thursday, March 04, 2021

35 Years Ago: The 1986 Atalaya Case Remembered







Argentina: The Atalaya Case of March 4, 1986

By Luis Burgos FAO/ICOU

Video Transcription by Scott Corrales, Inexplicata


"March 4, 1986 - March 4, 2021. Thirty-five years elapsed for FAO's 'seven horsemen of the Apocalypse' when at 21:00 hours two flying objects made their appearance over these fields in Atalaya, known at the time as Campo San Luciano. From 2100 to 2145 hours, a certifiable air show took place - a sight practically unforgettable to the eye. Something unusual, an anomaly we had never expected to see.

" At a given moment, one of the objects approached the group, causing a certain amount of concern among the FAO members. A second approach caused us to take even greater precautions, and we were on the verge of calling off the sky watch, given that the approaches by these objects were so imminent that they seemed to want to land in these fields. Fields in which the world record of ground marks had occurred.

 "We were facing a field with over 150 landing marks and two unidentified flying objects intending to land at that very same instant. What were we to do? Stay? Go? It would be something that would haunt us the rest of our lives. So we stayed. The two flying objects chose to retreat, slowly, one following the other and heading south toward Cundadillo. But when we thought it had all come to an end, a white object, looking like a Rugby ball through binoculars, burst in to brightness some 200-300 meters from where we stood. And that's when we asked ourselves - what is this? What is this intruder doing over there? Were we being monitored by this object for the 45 minute period in which we observed the other two? This was unusual - an experience we'd never had before in all our years with FAO. A truly unforgettable experience that became known worldwide, holding the record of UFO landings [unintelligible due to wind]. Thirty-five years have elapsed since then."

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