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Argentina: Mysterious CE-3s in San Juan


Source: PLANETA UFO and Canal 13 San Juan (Argentina)

Date: 05.02.2021

An article by Martin Gomez

 Argentina: Mysterious CE-3s in San Juan

 Jorge Pérez is one of the founders of Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano (Guardians of the Skies of Cuyo) and he made shocking disclosures. "There are things you don't want to say or they might think you're crazy."

 Discussing the UFO phenomenon has gone from being a taboo to a more habitual subject. With the development of technology it is easier to find eyewitness accounts, images, photos, videos or news of sightings or even mysterious encounters.

 San Juan is no stranger to this phenomenon, and there is a group that pursues these unidentified flying objects. They are the Guardians of the Skies of Cuyo.

 Jorge Pérez, one of the founding members of this group, disclosed some shocking statements concerning close encounters of the third kind in San Juan. One of them occurred in 1978 in the locality of El Ramblón in the Department of Sarmiento. They are seeking the declassification of records from this time period to produce a documentary.

 The other incident occurred in 2016 during a skywatch at Cerro Plateado in the Department of Pocito. "We managed to record it and everything. We have hitherto been unable to find an answer to it. It was definitely a UFO," says the enthusiast.

 "We have seen many things. While this situation shocked me greatly, we had a UFO come very near us once. It descended to 1000 or 1200 meters from our position, went by slowly and continued on its way," he said.

 Pérez described the mysterious object: "It was 10 times larger than the International Space Station. That's what it looked like as it flew overhead. There is nothing that large, of human manufacture, that can be seen like that from Earth, he said. “It looked like a tiny dot to us. But it became larger and larger, assuming the shape of a circular plate. When recorded with our equipment, you see a very bright light, but in plain sight, it looked like a fluctuating, round thing with a haze that gave it the impression of bobbing," he recalled.

 The video was displayed on the Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano website on September 21st that year. "In the video you're able to hear when we get a phone call telling us there was a very bright light on the mountain and we had it directly above us. It was shocking. But there are many things that I find striking, and that was foremost among them," Pérez remarked.

 The man says he wasn't frightened by the event. "I didn't have the time. I was amazed by the lovely light we were seeing. We always see them at a distance; this time it was very close and I had no time for fear. You can even hear in the video that I say to Ramón (among those present at the skywatch): "They're descending" and he says: "Yes, yes, they're coming for us", he recalls amid laughter.

 "It didn't give us time for anything. I was stunned, bewildered. I had no time for fear. It was shocking," says Jorge Pérez.

 While this sighting was documented, he says "there are always things that one doesn't want to say, lest one be accused of being insane. We have always spoken about what can be shown, and remain quiet about that which cannot. There are strange displays that take place at certain locations, and we can't understand them. Very strange things."

 In this regard, Jorge described an experience they had during a Skywatch. "Out of ten people at a skywatch, all ten fall asleep without explanation and upon waking find that part of their videos and records are missing. These are things that cannot be said openly, because they cannot be proved," he disclosed. "You feel strange sensations in your body, like electric current, etc. We should have some other kind of technology that can capture it at the moment. Unfortunately we still [don't] have it. Perhaps someday we will, and it will allow us to investigate it thoroughly."

 One of the reasons that compel this group to keep some secrets about unexplained phenomena has to do with its reputation. "Not only in San Juan, but around the world. Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano has thousands of followers. It also means a lot in other countries: Mexico, Spain, the United States...we have followers who are very interested in what we do," he explained.

 The Ramblón Case of 1978 was another matter altogether. A close encounter of the third kind (CE-3) made the stationmaster of that community in the Department of Sarmiento "go mad"

 The event occurred in the evening of July 12, when a flying saucer hovered over Felipe Onofre Onozco. "It was one of the first CE-3's in Argentina," Pérez notes.

 Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano is currently seeking the declassification of police records of that time to make a documentary. Regardless, he has priceless eyewitness testimony from others involved in the situation.

 Newspaper items of that time say that the stationmaster was startled by an impressive white light issued by a red flying object. Faced with this situation, the man was blinded, paralyzed and rendered unconscious for some 3 hours, until he recovered and notified the Mendoza Central Police of what he was seeing.

 Many local residents also reported having seen the light at a distance, indicating that radio and television transmissions had been disrupted while the phenomenon lasted.

 The San Juan Police confirmed that the event had lasted at least 5 hours. Aside from the accounts of neighbors, they reported that the enigmatic object had not landed, as no physical traces had been found.

 Jorge Pérez, meanwhile, added that many years later, Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano had managed to gather eyewitness accounts on the event which yielded shocking coincidences. "The San Juan Police played a role in the event. After Orozco informed Mendoza, they relayed the information to San Juan and Sheriff Felix Alfredo Balmaceda, his deputy Castillo and officer Varas of criminalistics visited the area to investigate the occurence. They arrived around 23:00 hours and found the man locked in the station. He had lost control of his bowels and was bleeding from his nose and ears, in state of total shock. An ambulance was summoned. They also called Sergio Soso, Orozco's relief, to replace him, due to the problem," Pérez remarked.

 "We are following up on these files, which must be kept somewhere. We want to declassify them and we're also working on a movie-style documentary on the Ramblón Case," advised the Guardianes member.

[Translation (c) 2021 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]