Thursday, July 08, 2021

Argentina: Another Cattle Mutilation (and Strange Lights) in La Pampa




Source: Luis Burgos (ICOU/FAO) and La Arena

Argentina: Another Cattle Mutilation (and Strange Lights) in La Pampa

Another mutilated animal was found a few days ago in a field located some 30 km to south of the locality of Jacinto Arauz, following sightings of strange lights in the vicinity.

Jorge Román, an enthusiast and follower of these subjects, convinced that these are events alien to human knowledge, made the event known on his Facebook account.

He said a man works on the site and has set up a camp there. "From there, it was possible to see a dim light in motion beneath another larger, more luminous object suspended in the air. A short time later, the lights merged into a single one and sped away from the place at high speed," said the eyewitness.

Going on with the story, the witness said that "he returned to work the next day, and found a mutilated animal some 500 meters away from his campsite. The man was accompanied by his dog, and the canine began barking at that very moment. He led the dog to the dead cow so that his pet would eat some of its meat, but the dog refused to approach. A few days later, carrying out his duties in the vicinity, he ascertained that the cow's carcass remained exactly the same.

Román observed: "While we produce medications using animal glandulars, we do not have the technological means to perform such complex surgeries. Much less exposed to elements and without leaving traces. The animals appear to have toppled to the ground like bags of potatoes. It is worth noting that carrion animals do not approach [the carcasses], possibly due to some sort of antiseptic that may have been applied on the victims. This could be the reason for which the mutilated animal's decomposition is delayed. It may also protect us against foreign bacteria," he added.

[Translation (c) 2021 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos]