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OVNIRADIO ICOU - Entities Along the Highways

OVNIRADIO ICOU - The Invaders - Humanoid Case Histories

By Nelson Polanco and Luis Burgos

Episode 26 - Entities Along The Highways

 Nelson Polanco (NP): Luis, do you know that when we discussed the Route 33 incident --

Luis Burgos (LB): The southern Santa Fe one?

NP: -- the interview conducted by Luciano Masoni with Estela, who talks about the tall humanoid creature that followed her, running alongside her car? it really struck me when Estela said that this entity made a 90 degree movement and crossed the road. A few years ago I had learned about other cases involving road-crossing entities.

LB: The case histories are abundant. The phenomenon isn't very common, but it isn't isolated either. There are considerable case histories involving people on foot, or driving in a vehicle, on the road itself or on the roadside. It's as if they're showing off.

NP: That's what I wanted to tell you - we won't be dealing exclusively with humanoid beings crossing the road, but also others seen standing on the roadside. As a result of this case - Estela's - a number of cases came to mind concerning entities standing on the side of the road and one case that I witnessed myself when we journeyed to Punta Piedras. I was with you, Luis...

LB: Yes, the famous case involving "Walter's Truck"

NP: We were traveling with Walter Patente and we saw that figure standing on the side of the road in the dark, dressed in white on Route 11...

LB: On Route 11. Ripio.

NP: Yes, yes, exactly. A desolate place, around 10 pm

LB: Yes...

NP: ...as we drove past in the truck, the figure sort of pulled into the darkness...

LB: ...as if hiding.

NP: ...that's right, as if hiding. And the question went unanswered. Who was that strange character? Especially with the way he was dressed, wearing a white outfit down to his feet, and he didn't even look at the truck. The character remained standing sideways, and when the truck drove by, he sort of ducked into the darkness, into the canefield. This inspired me to look for more cases, and I know that you, Luis, will be discussing some next.

LB: This brings to mind a case that took place this year, in January 2019. An event that occurred to a FAO member, Cristián Dano, in the vicinity of Punta Lara, Santiago. He was driving along with his family and he saw a humanoid figure crossing the road...

NP: It was the night of the eclipse.

LB: Exactly. Given the geography, the incident was similar to the Route 11 incident. And Nelson, without going too far afield, we have cases we have investigated over the years involving people who've witnessed similar situations. One says: "How's this? A humanoid on the road, when it has the entire countryside to land a UFO, it should stand by the road? But that's how it is. That's where they show themselves. You know that Marcelo…

NP: We're talking about…my apologies, Luis...we're discussing cases involving humanoids with no associated craft.

LB: Unassociated humanoids. Yes, we aren't going to talk about associated cases, because the UFO is already there for that. We're talking about characters that have run into witnesses in cars or on foot, but without the presence of a UFO, which is either not present or cannot be seen with this silhouette or figure. Marcelo Martinich, back in the '90s, was driving alone at night along a road in Santa Fe, and one such entity crossed his path, something that is common in the south of Santa Fe. It was tall, with stylized, silvery clothing and took three or four long strides to cross the road.

NP: Incredible.

LB: It came out of a dense patch of vegetation and crossed the road.

NP: We should note that this dangerous, since the shock caused to the driver should be more of a source of fear than curiosity.

LB: Yes, but Marcelo took a different tack. As you know, instead of speeding away - as has occurred in many cases -Marcelo stopped the car only a few meters past the point where the figure had crossed the road. He got out of the car in the dark and began hollering at the figure, trying to provoke it...

NP: A wild man!

LB: "Come out of there, come out, I saw you!" He told it. He waited a few minutes, the figure did not emerge, and Marcelo continued his trip. bear in mind it's not only about the humanoid's behavior as it crossed the road, made itself visible, but Marcelo's attitude as well. He's one of the few witnesses who's actually wanted to confront it.

NP: Most witnesses take off in a hurry.

LB: They flee, or at some given moment, they realize what's happened, as was the case with Estela; or with Cristian Dano, who didn't stop. Even us - when we were driving in the truck with twelve people, instead of stopping to investigate, we continued as if we hadn't seen that figure. We were in a hurry; we reached our destination around 10 pm. We had a thousand incidents that evening. Anyway, Marcelo's attitude is commendable. As you know, I have a very significant case that befell Josefina, the wife of a former FAO member, in the '80s, in which her mother...

NP: (unintelligible)

LB: Josefina's mother and her husband had gone on holiday in the south, the southern reaches of the province of Buenos Aires, and in the locality of Médanos they had...

NP: Médanos, we have to discuss Médanos.

LB: Yes, another day we'll touch upon that case, which involved a doctor from La Plata and it ended badly. So it was in Médanos - which is a very mysterious town, that's where we attended the CIFA event organized by Roberto Apendino, as you know, we stopped in Médanos to recreate that case. To me it’s one of the strangest towns in the province of Buenos Aires, and the people of Médanos will say Burgos is nuts. Anyway, Josefina suffered an accident and was hospitalized in the Bahía Blanca area, and Josefina had to bring her back by ambulance to La Plata to pursue treatment. But there wasn't any ambulance - they used a morguera (hearse). They brought her back in a hearse (laughs). On the way back, they were driving along Route 3 near the locality of Hinojos when they saw a very tall, stylized figure standing by the road, dressed in silvery white, and was standing just like the figure from the canefield, with its arms close to its body. Josefina asked: "What's that?" and the driver replied: "Do you want to stop? Do you want to take a look at it?" She said, "No, no no, let's go on." Later on the driver explained that figure had appeared in front of more than one motorist in the vicinity of Hinojos. There's been talk about the "ghost of Hinojos" elsewhere and it has no bearing on this thing that Josefina saw.

NP: It's become an urban legend.

LB: Yes, but Josefina saw it with her own eyes. Not her mother. Her mother was in the back of the hearse with her knee swollen like a bag. But she and the driver witnessed it, and Josefina can attest to the fact even today. And later on, Nelson, I'd like to end with a case I've mentioned in Hechos Asombrosos and elsewhere - the case that triggered me. I always say that the Apollo lunar landing was my trigger for becoming a ufologist on July 20, 1969. But in 1965, when I was nine years old, during one of the many trips we took to the countryside to Magdalena, half way between La Plata and Magdalena, there's an area called La Curva de la Muerte (Death's Curve) and I was in the front seat with my mother in the truck used to bring foodstuffs to certain localities. At that moment, when the truck reached the curve, I heard a voice shouting: "What is that? What is that?" It was my mother, and at the time I wasn't asleep but distracted, and I saw, on the curve itself, a small figure no taller than one meter dressed in what looked like a white tunic, holding its hand out like a traffic policeman, as if gesturing for our truck to stop. We then heard a noise, as if stones were hitting below the windshield, down by the radiator and the front bumper. Hector, the driver, asked if he should stop, and the farmhand who came with us said: "Stop, I'll get out and kill him." My mother urged Hector to continue.

NP: So the being threw something at the vehicle.

LB: Something was thrown at the vehicle. But we did stop one kilometer ahead.

NP: You stopped by the creek.

LB: Yes, the creek. We stopped and nothing was broken. No damage to the headlights, nothing at all. But we felt the blow. But what struck me the most is that there appeared to be a tail coming out of that white tunic or suit or whatever it was, a tail of fire. It was fire. The character with the outstretched hand ordering us to stop had everything behind him on fire.

At that time, 1964-65, there was no one living there, no houses, anything. I know the area like the back of my hand. If you go there today you'll see it's a town. But there was no one there then. Today you can argue that [the figure] was a prankster or a highwayman forcing us to stop. But I assure you that back then there was no one, much less anyone willing to pull a prank on a cold winter night. I remember it was cold. Anyway, on the return trip to the city of Ensenada, where I lived at the time, we stopped at the site and Hector, the driver, and the farmhands who came with us searched the area to see if there was something burned at the spot, but couldn't find a thing. In other words, the fire was an illusion; it was no fire at all.

NP: It's more likely that it was light and not fire.

LB: I think it wasn't fire, but the first thought that comes to mind was fire. This case, in my judgement, was the trigger event that drew me into this field. So when my private tutor said to me, "Burgos, write something of your own", I would tell her "there was a flying saucer, it came down, and a Martian took me." This was what started me out in the UFO field. So cases like this - like your own incident in the Route 11 cane field - are the ones that form part of our data bank of 5500 Argentinean cases.

NP: Well, as I said in the earlier program, we will continue reporting on these strange incidents. If our listeners have cases of their own that they'd like to share, involving roads, strange characters and their apparitions, please contact us. Luis, this subject fascinates me. Well, we'll meet again in the next installment of Los Invasores

[Translation and transcription (c) 2021 by Scott Corrales with thanks to Luis Burgos and Nelson Pacheco]