Tuesday, August 24, 2021

.Venezuela: UFOs over Caracas Airport (1972)



Venezuela: UFOs over Caracas Airport (1972)

In early July 1972, air traffic control personnel in Caracas's Maiquetía Airport claimed seeing strange objects flying over the expressway that leads to the airport.

Even veteran commercial aviation pilots with LAV and AVENSA - Venezuelan carriers - claimed that during a flight near the Caribbean shore, east of the capital city, they had found themselves escorted by a formation of objects they were unable to identify...an escort that lasted several minutes.

"They flew beside us at a prudent distance, sometimes faster and others slower than us. These were luminous, orange-colored spheres that would become oval-shaped."

These were the words of those who were in the air, and their statements were corroborated by airport radar records. But there was a flight technician who added something extremely interesting: He claimed having seen a glowing, yellowish object, shaped like a large disk, flying from one side to another. When the airliner increased speed, the object flew away at high speed, the same way it had come.