Thursday, August 26, 2021

Why Humankind Cannot Solve the UFO Enigma



Why Humankind Cannot Solve the UFO Enigma

[Mexico, DUDA magazine, Issue 389, 1978]

 While working on an issue dedicated to the subject of UFOs as living organisms, the staff of the long-defunct DUDA magazine summarized the thoughts of author Trevor James Constable on the subject of our inability to grasp the phenomenon. "New interpretations on the UFO phenomenon arise on daily basis," wrote editor Guillermo Mendizábal, "some of them feasible, other merely curious. In this issue we are presenting those which, due to their research methods, truly provide a new hope at unmasking the UFO enigma."

 The article goes on to say:

 Trevor James Constable, whose research provided the basis for this issue, has set forth the reasons for which humanity, from his perspective, has been unable to properly study the UFO phenomenon. They are as follows:

 1. The rejection of the soul and matters spiritual by science;

2. The infusion of suspicion, contempt and hastily m in humans against anything that implies a spiritual concern;

3. Humanity's adoration of the material;

4. Denial of the existence of invisible realms;

5. The worship of numbers, illustrated by the computer age, which has further dehumanized life, and

6. Official science's obsession with measuring everything and only accepting that which can be rendered in numerical form.

Thoughts which could be considered no less valid in 2021.