Friday, November 19, 2021

Argentina: The "Teleporting Woman" Mystery Continues


Source: Maraco Digital and Marcelo Metayer

Date: November 17 2021

 Argentina: The "Teleporting Woman" Mystery Continues

  Jacinto Araúz - La Pampa

November 17, 2021

  •  - Phone calls were made from the Araúz woman's phone; a mechanical buzzing sound could be heard.
  • - The woman vanished for 24 hours.

 The woman, whose 24 hour long disappearance was made known by her partner, appeared some 60 kilometers distant without showing any signs of having covered the distance on foot, according to reports.

The mystery deepened when it was ascertained that on Tuesday afternoon, phone calls were made from her phone to several relatives. However, all that could be heard was a sound some compared to the wind and others with a mechanical buzzing sound.

 The protagonist of the event 'awoke' seated on a rural road near the 5th Meridian, the geographic border between the provinces of La Pampa and Buenos Aires. After getting her bearings, she walked several meters until she was able to get a signal on her cellphone, sending out photos of the landscape to help people find her. This was successful, as she located by a police patrol. Residents of  Jacinto Araúz highlighted the heavy movement of police forces and volunteer firefighters from neighboring communities, the police dog section and the forensic police.

 The woman was in a deep state of shock that kept her from uttering a single word. She was transferred to the Guatraché Hospital, where she wrote about "having heard a loud noise in the back yard" and "having been enveloped in a bright light like that of an operating room", remembering nothing else.

 At this point, the narrative becomes confused, since it was not possible to determine if she was aware when the phone calls to relatives were placed, and the circumstances under which she made them.

 Another detail is that the woman reported having a headache, presenting a slash injury on one of her temples. The decision was made to send her to the General Acha Hospital for a series of tests.

 It was also learned that at the site she had made reference to 'lights' which she drew, and which almost surely will be available to the authorities investigating this strange case.

 Some investigation sources determined that the woman had experienced strange incident years ago - one in which she witnessed an odd, low-flying object in the year 2002, a time when many similar events were reported.

 To researchers, this is one of the 'hot spots' of regional ufology, due to the memorable "Dorado Incident" having taken place there 19 years ago. In 1980, a witness reported numerous strange ground markings had been left behind by a giant 'bucket' shaped object.

 The presence of a red-eyed creature was also reported in the area, after which two mutilated cows were found on a property. A number of cattle mutilations took place in the area during the pandemic, exhibiting a new behavior on the part of its perpetrators: they would "return on the following night' to remove soft tissue from their victims.

 [Translation (c) 2021 S. Corrales, IHU with special thanks to Marcelo Metayer]