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Mexico: The Ciudad Pemex UFO Revisited 47 Years Later

 Source: El Heraldo de Tabasco (Mexico)

Date: 10.14.2020

Author: Angel Vega - Heraldo de Tabasco


Mexico: The Ciudad Pemex UFO Revisited 47 Years Later

 The lightning bolts had strange colors, such as he had never seen before. Don Armando, a 67-year-old local, told his hitherto undisclosed story of what happened when he was 20 years old.

 The story Armando N tells us, age 67, resident of Macuspana, Tabasco, regarding an event that was recorded in the archives of events related to the "UFO phenomenon" as one of the most important on the national level, was recorded by several newspapers of the time, including Diario La Prensa.

 "It was June 1973. I remember it well. How could I forget?! I was 20 years old and a newlywed. I went to live in Ciudad Pemex because I found a job at the petrochemical complex and made a more or less decent living. I dreamed of saving enough to buy a little home, although I wouldn't achieve this goal for many, many years, when I no longer needed it or wanted it. Such is life.

 "Marisela, my wife at the time (I was widowed in 2005) had no friends in the neighborhood and balked at living there. She wanted to move back to Villahermosa with her parents, but she had no job and we only had my salary from the complex. Moving was unthinkable - the distance from the capital to Ciudad Pemex was considerable. These were difficult years.

 "There was a huge thunderstorm the night it all happened. I was barely getting home when the gusts of wind and lightning were unleashed, and people locked themselves in because it was frightening to see. The lightning had strange colors; I'd never seen anything like it. My wife was very scared - she prayed and lit votive candles, but nothing calmed the raging storm. It rained from around 8 or 9 at night and did not stop until morning. There was even a blackout that lasted a few hours...

 "At around ten or ten thirty, Marisela - who couldn't sleep - decided to look out the window. She screamed. I got up and looked. I turned out that lights moving back and forth were moving between the lightning bolts, but they weren't airplanes. They were like fireballs of different colors dancing between the lightning bolts.

 "The strangest thing is that as the storm raged on, and these lights were visible, something like bombs and explosions could be heard from Military Air Base Number 16 of the Mexican Navy. The explosions shook the ground, barnyard animals and dogs were frightened, and it was later said that the explosions came from the air base's artillery, shooting at the lights.

 "What I'm going to tell you next could be hard to believe, but it's the truth: the next day, all of us local residents were alarmed, because there was talk that an object had landed in the pastures of the El Limón ranch. At first, I didn't understand what they meant by 'object', but I found out later - they meant a flying saucer or UFO, as they call them now.

 "Another very unusual fact was the prints. They appeared on Sánchez Mármol Street - prints that looked like those of a giant chicken, some 20 centimeters long, with three toes and a sort of spur in the back. They didn't come from anywhere, simply appeared and vanished even in the sewers, within homes and even between the bedsheets.

 "People said that strange, insectoid beings (others said reptilians) had fallen out of a grey colored vehicle that had landed behind the Air Force air strip, in the El Limón pastures. There were several witnesses and people were scared.

 "Since we Tabascans are a nosy lot, we went en masse to see if this was true. Upon arriving, we only found a circle of burned grass between 3 and 4 meters in diameter and with three round legs, also circular, which were smaller. Many said there were charred animal carcasses around the landing site, but I truly didn't see any.

 "Many things were said about this case. That 'Martians' were involved, that demons had been released from hell, that the military had cordoned off the area and secured the alleged landing area. Who knows? What I do know is that lights in the sky were seen for a long time in the vicinity of Ciudad Pemex. I find it strange, at first, that there should be an air base in that location. Why? No one has been able to tell me what it's good for.

 "Other events have occurred at that air base. I remember that a Pemex helicopter crashed around that time as it took off from the air base. Co-workers of mine died in that accident. Obviously, no one blamed aliens. When it comes to accidents, Pemex stands alone and doesn't need any help.

 "I'm not sure if I believe in UFOs or not. In spite of what I saw, I think it could've been an experiment of some kind, but I don't know...why would they come all the way here to Macuspana?

 [Translation © 2021 Scott Corrales, IHU]