Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Venezuela: Reptilians Among Us? Strange Footprint Found in Caracas Home



Source: Hector Escalante
Date: November 8 2021

Venezuela: Reptilians Among Us? Strange Footprint Found in Caracas Home

On November 6, Adrián Escalante found strange dark footprints on the second floor of a house in downtown Caracas, Venezuela. The photo taken by the witness shows two prints measuring 25 centimeters long, which would be a size 40 shoe. However the width of one of them does not coincide with the proportional morphology associated with that measurement. Yet this is hardly the only anomaly.

This his outline, corresponding to the extension of the left extremity, also shows the instep and five toes, which would be otherwise normal in spite of the fact that they are elongated and seemingly sharp, as if they were claws.

According to Escalante, these prints, which had already been compacted by the time the discovery was made, appeared to have been made in mud, although he does not understand where this could have come from. "It hadn't rained, and therefore, it was impossible for someone to have stepped in a mud puddle and left those marks," he explained.

To make sure, he checked the rest of the house and was surprised to discover that there were no other prints nor remains of the same material. He also dismissed the possibility that whoever made those marks would have entered through a window, as these were secured with iron bars.

A prank, a large animal, interdimensional entities of a reptilian nature? You decide.

[Translation (c) 2021 IHU with thanks to Hector Escalante]