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Argentina: CRONICA TV Interviews Teleportation (or Abduction) Victim


Argentina: Interview with Irma About her Teleportation (or Abduction) Experience

[An interview with the experience, conducted by Marco Bustamante (interviewer), Esteban (news presenter) and an unidentified woman, also a presenter for CRONICA-TV. Irma is the woman abducted by an alleged UFO in La Pampa. She saw a very bright light in her patio, vanished for 24 hours, and reappeared 65 kilometers away.]

Interviewer: We’re here in La Pampa with Irma. What a fright!

Irma: Yes, it was a fright. I don’t even know how to explain it.

Interviewer: Could you tell us what happened?

Irma: Yes, see here. My husband went away to look after another property and…he left, and I got up, had two or three cups of mate, I played around with the phone and such, drinking mate early in the morning, then the phone began getting crisscrossed with lines, like when the service is going out –

Interviewer; [interrupts] So it was interference?

Irma: Yes, yes. I suddenly began hearing a buzzing, like when the wind whistles against a window

Interviewer: A windstorm on the phone

Irma: Yes, a buzzing, a loud whistling, so, ah, I told myself –

Interviewer: But it was outside?

Irma: I’ll tell you. When I looked at the phone, and heard this sound, I went outside, thinking my husband had forgotten something. I stepped out as far as there [points] where that little dog is.


[camera pans right]

Irma: Up to there. That’s as far as I remember. Ten meters. I remember nothing more.

Interviewer: So four or five meters to the dog, and you lost sight of everything?

Irma: By the time I got here, I had no memory of anything.

Interviewer: [to camera] Friends, Irma is the woman about whom everyone has spoken, but this is the first time she’s speaking out.

News Presenter: Mirta, it’s such a pleasure to speak with you…

Interviewer: Irma, Irma

News Presenter: I’m so sorry, I’m awful with names. I apologize. Tell me, what is it that you remember?

Irma: As far as remembering, I remember very little. All I remember is the interference to my phone, the signal was lost. At that time, I stepped outside to where we have a covered porch, and I recall nothing else after that. I didn’t see any lights or anything at all. All I heard was the wind, a lot of wind, like an incredibly powerful wind.

News Presenter: And you woke up the next day somewhere else? Am I right in saying this? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Irma: Yes, yes. Look, all I remember is that I wasn’t sure if it was night or day. I tried to open my eyes and all I could see was lights, many, many lights. And everything was white, as white as snow, you see. Just like that. But that same brightness didn’t let me open my eyes. It was something that kept my eyes from opening up.

News Presenter: And you couldn’t tell if it was day or night, or where you were?

Irma: No, no. No, no, no. Nothing. Nothing at all.

News Presenter: And you couldn’t hear anything or see anything?

Irma: Only the light, a very bright light that made my eyes shut again.

Interviewer: What did you feel?

Irma: I have no idea. No idea whatsoever. The next day I remember –

Woman’s voice: Yes, please tell us.

Interviewer: Go ahead, tell us, tell us.

Irma: What I do remember the next day is that I was sitting on the street with my legs outstretched, my arms on my legs. When I opened my eyes, I saw the street, I was at the edge of the street, I could see the other side, but I don’t remember how long I was sitting there.

Woman: And that’s what I was going to ask you. You disappeared for 24 hours. Do you remember the perception of time that you had? Did you feel 24 hours had gone by?

Irma: No

Woman: Did it feel like six months?

Irma: No, I only know what they told me. I don’t remember how long I was –

News Presenter: Right, and the place you turned up…was it known to you, did you recognize it or not?

Irma: Yes, because I’d gone by there. Which is why I’m telling you, after I got up, I walked around, I felt my body and noticed that I had my phone, right? The phone was in the pocket of my housecoat and it was on.

Woman: Your phone was on?

Irma: I don’t know how long –

Woman: Yes.

Irma: I don’t know how long I wandered around until I began reacting. When I looked at the phone, and saw it was on, I saw the time was 5:10 in the morning. That much I recall.

Reporter: So at what time did you vanish?

Irma: Look, it must have been around 7 in the morning.

Interviewer: 7 in the morning on Monday, and you appeared on 5 in the morning on Tuesday.

Irma: No, I disappeared on a Tuesday and reappeared on Wednesday

Interviewer: Ah, because that hadn’t been ascertained so far, getting the dates right. You were gone on Tuesday and came back on Wednesday.

Irma: Supposedly it was Wednesday.

News Presenter: That means there’s a one-night window of absence between Tuesday and Wednesday

Irma: Yes, yes.

Woman: Twenty-four hours

News Presenter: A little less than that, though. Twelve hours.

Irma: I don’t know, because I was around seven in the morning that I went outside and then appeared the next day as far as I know.

Interviewer: At five-thirty more or less. And when you came to and regained consciousness, you had enough presence of mind to take photos?

Irma: No, that came later. What I did first was phone my children. But I couldn’t speak. I started texting the kids. They tried to video call me, but all I could do was move my hands around, because I couldn’t [speak].

News Presenter: How? How did you move your hands around?

Irma: I moved my hands around because I couldn’t speak. Words wouldn’t come.

News Presenter: But you were able to see your phone?

Irma: Of course, and that’s why I began to text.

Woman: What you did was get in touch by messaging.

Irma: Of course, it was the first thing I did.

News Presenter: In fact, when you got to the hospital, you still weren’t able to speak.

Irma: No, no, it was a long time later that I –

Woman: When were you able to speak?

Irma: I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. I remember what happened from 5:30 in the morning to around 10:30 more or less.

Interviewer: What did they tell you at the hospital?

Irma: No, nothing. They just asked me questions, much as you’re doing right now. I gestured, because it was the only way I could answer

News Presenter: Irma, evidently, this is the first time you’re telling your story…the possible abduction…is that how you say it? By a UFO, in the enormity of the province of La Pampa. Now, you’ve surely told this to your friends, relatives, acquaintances. How did you say it, and how was it received? Did they believe you or not?

Interviewer: [to News Presenter] Esteban, look at this. This is the first time she’s spoken to anyone about it, except her husband. This is the first time she’s spoken about it.

Irma: And with my kids. I only discussed it with my husband and my kids.

News Presenter: And what did they say?

Irma: What were they going to say? They’re just as startled as me. I would like to know what happened to me, but I still don’t know anything.

News Presenter: But your children…you have two, is that right?

Irma: Three, three.

News Presenter: Your three children and your husband – I understand you all live together there in this farmhouse?

Irma: I’m sorry?

News Presenter: You all live together in the farmhouse?

Irma: No, not at all. My children are in town. I’m out here alone with my husband.

News Presenter: With your husband. So your husband was an entire day without seeing you?

Irma: Yes. Look, maybe it would be better if he told you.

Interviewer: What impresses me is –

News Presenter: [overlapping]

Interviewer: Esteban, do you know what impresses me? Is that to get to the place where she was found, you have to make a complete turn. You have no idea how complicated it is to get here. We’re some 20 kilometers away from the town, but you need at least between forty minutes to an hour by car to get here, because the road isn’t lovely, there are many parts…you even have to drive across a stream…how were able to do all this? What explanation do you have?

Irma:  What can I tell you?

Woman: Your clothes were clean.

Interviewer: When you were found, your clothes were clean.

Irma: Yes, but they said I was very dirty, smelly…at least that what they said.

Interviewer: So you walked 60 kilometers?

News Presenter: Excuse me, if you were able to walk sixty kilometers on rural roads, dusty roads, at the very least your shoes or slippers would be covered in dirt, at the very least. Your clothes too, but the footwear, definitely.

Irma: Yes, but no matter how much, I don’t think I could walk such a distance in that time.

Woman: Irma, did you have any marks on your body?

Irma: Yes, I have something that was done to my head. That’s all I have.

Woman: They did what?

Interviewer: [to Irma] You stay right where you are. We’re going to move the camera to show it. Where is the cut, Irma? Where is the cut on your head?

Irma: On top.

Interviewer: Okay, on top. We’re going to be showing you live this incision that appeared on her head.

[Irma brushes her hair aside with her right hand, camera focuses in to show a dark pink mark on the scalp.]

News Presenter: Look at that cut! so weird. This is incredible, Marco! It’s a meticulous incision. And a tough one to do, am I right?

Irma: What I want is an explanation. How would I do this to myself?

Interviewer: I have a confession to make. You know, Irma’s case made me think of…do you remember the case of the Chinese woman who left Ezeiza Airport, walked a few kilometers, she’d suffered a stroke and was unconsciously doing some things. Did the doctors tell you if you’d had a stroke or anything?

Irma: Well, they took me to [the town of] General Acha, they performed X-rays and [earpiece falls out]

Interviewer: [fumbles to replace Irma’s earpiece]

News Presenter: It’s very strange, the thing about your head.

Woman: Very strange.

Irma: It’s as if –

[On screen caption: “They Performed a Tomography and There’s Nothing To Be Seen”]

Interviewer: Can I ask you a favor? Could you get up and show us where it happened? Come, come, that way we walk around a little [puts earpiece into Irma’s ear. Both walk to the middle of the property. News Presenter thanks Irma for agreeing to the interview]. You were there, by that blue curtain, is that your dining room?

News Presenter: It was seven o’clock in the morning, is that right?

Irma: Yes, yes. That’s the house. [Points to door and a cement path leading to a covered car port] I walked right up to there. From the blue curtain to where the little white car is.

Interviewer: So the abduction took place right there?

Irma: I don’t remember, but I know I got that far.

News Presenter: There’s interference, Marco. Did you step on a wire or is there something else going on?

Interviewer: I’m using the cordless mike, no wires involved.

News Presenter: Maybe I’m going deaf. Anyway, go on, go on.

Interviewer: [Pointing at spot] So that’s where it would have taken place [Buzzing metallic interference becomes noticeable]

Irma: Yes, as far as I know, it was right there. I don’t remember anything beyond that.

Interviewer: [to News Presenter] Esteban, let me tell you…the distance from the door to the entrance of the rural road is at least one kilometer. If there was a vehicle involved, she would have noticed. Right, Irma?

Irma: Yes, I suppose I would have. Aside from that, take a look, all I could hear was the wind. A very strong wind that seemed to suck you in, but that’s where I lost consciousness.

Interviewer: Yes, it’s very odd

News Presenter: The production staff is checking the weather forecast for that day and there was no call for strong winds, at least from what the records show.

Interviewer: [Walks with Irma to the carport, which contains a Mitsubishi SUV. A sleeping dog gets up and walks away. Camera focuses on two sizeable indentations in the soil] We’re standing exactly on the spot where the abduction took place. [Looks at Irma] The place you were kidnapped.

Irma: Yes, yes.

Interviewer: And from here, to the place where you were found, there’s a 60 kilometer distance.

Irma: That’s more or less what they say.

Interviewer: [To News Presenter] But notice something. Irma takes very short steps.

News Presenter: [Interested in the indentations] Would those be the mark, the record, of the event? Am I saying it right or not?

Interviewer: Now we’re noticing the interference. We got cut off.

Woman: Did you notice that?

Interviewer: There’s some sort of interference.

News Presenter: I was saying that those indentations, depressions on the soil…could they be a record of the event? Could it be a key to this investigation?

Interviewer: Was there a ground impression, ma’am?

Irma: No, I don’t think so. Well, I didn’t see anything, so I don’t know.

Interviewer: [To News Presenter] Esteban, a little context here…

News Presenter: Stop, we saw what looked like a pit of some sort. Or is it a natural depression on the soil?

Irma: No, that’s something the dog does.

News Presenter: Oh, OK, nothing to do with it at all. And Irma, could you tell me, how did the animals react? The dog, the cats…how did they react?

Interviewer: Dogs are highly sensitive.

Irma: I couldn’t tell you.

Interviewer: You weren’t there.

Irma: There’s nothing I can say.

Woman: Did you hear them bark?

Irma: Can’t tell you. All I know is that I got this far and…that’s all I know.

Interviewer: This is all very strange, guys. Very, very odd.

News Presenter: Irma, would you be willing to tell your story to an agency tied to the research into these matters?

Irma: No, I didn’t speak to anyone.

News Presenter: But would you be willing to do so?

Irma: Yes, yes.

[Translation and transcription (c) 2021 S. Corrales, IHU]