Monday, December 13, 2021

Argentina: Further Developments in the Irma Rick Abduction Case

Argentina: Further Developments in the Irma Rick Abduction Case

By Luis Burgos (FAO/ICOU)


One can count - on the fingers of one's hand - the number of UFO cases in which the Justice Ministry has played a part. But when it has occurred, the cases acquire unexpected dimensions, for it is no longer up to UFOs or journalists to research - but up to a given court and a judge or prosecutor assuming the roles of actors in charge of shedding light on the matter. In it, policemen, physicians, experts, etc. will play a part, striving to gather the greatest possible amount of evidence tied to the case. Any element of strangeness slanting the case toward the 'anomalous' or 'what can be explained in terms of science' will be validated or dismissed weeks, days or months after the case is closed.

Bearing in mind the episode of the probable abduction of Mrs. Irma Rick in Jacinto Araúz (La Pampa), ufologists, the press and the public at large split into factions of credibility vs. skepticism. There are still many dark areas to be clarified, particularly when the protagonist of the case does not remember other sequences aside from those that have already been made known, and which coincide with other close encounter ordeals. No progress has been made beyond that point.

But the possible abduction of Irma Rick by an unknown aircraft isn't merely another case - it is one of a kind in the world: a human being entering a UFO carrying a cellphone. This would the dream of any abductee - carrying a portable device aboard and having the object's crew allow it! Can you imagine for a moment Betty and Barney hill having a phone inside their captors' UFO? Or here in our country, Dionisio Llanca, Carlos Diaz or Juancito Perez (who wasn't abducted, but was able to gain entry into a UFO), just to name a few well-known ones? It is for such a reason that this case merits special treatment beyond the "UFO circus" and journalistic or ufological 'scoops'. This little instrument now becomes the key to it all. This is where words come to an end, along with on-site investigations by whoever reached the site first, second or third, future interviews with Mrs. Rick, the shows, ufological opinions leading the case in one direction or another, etc. More of the same. That's all over now. Perhaps even the witness herself. The scientific proof so longed for is now in the hands of the judicial authorities of La Pampa, which can technologically lead us into a new UFO Illusion or a new hoax.

It may seem simple, but cellphones have played a role in solving crimes, kidnappings, extortion, etc. in a swift and efficient manner, and it is for this reason that the Irma Rick case isn't merely another case for the UFO ghetto. It is a 'swing case', marking a before and after for future abduction cases. The fact that it is intriguing, disquieting or entrancing does not mean that it cannot be easily solved. Therefore, we went straight to the source of the investigation.

The Word of the Judiciary

The 3rd Judicial District of General Acha (La Pampa) has intervened as the competent body in this case. Dr. Juan Bautista Méndez took over the case in the court of first instance, but within a few days, investigative continuity fell to Dr. María Virginia Antón, deputy prosecutor, who was elevated to the position in June 2021. Both magistrates belong to the Sole Office of the Public Prosecutor (OUMPF). We reached out to her to get the specifics of the case, and she kindly granted us an interview, from which arise the following:

- The case has been marked as a PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION.

- The investigation aims at dismissing all "suspicious" that the event might have had: Spousal abuse, kidnapping, extortion, injury, etc.

- Irma Rick's smartphone is in the hands of judiciary at Dr. Antón's request. Her expert investigation is on the account of the corresponding division, located in Santa Rosa, the provincial seat.

- At first, a story circulated about Irma Rick's spouse's smartphone having also been taken. Dr. Antón denied this.

- A medical report has been attached to the cause of action.

- In principle, a report by an interdisciplinary team that visited the protagonist is yet to be attached.

- The expert report on the infamous smartphone should be ready by February/March, as this matter takes time and Judicial Recess begins in January.

- The results of the expert investigation will not be made public. Notice will be given to the parties involved, which is understandable. This excludes the possibility of "leaks" which are common in such proceedings.


In recent days, I laughed at how some ufologists and journalists "are astonished" by how so many cases could happen in La Pampa. For years now, my report "LA PAMPA: KEY PROVINCE OF THE UFO PHENOMENON" has been posted to a number of websites, and I have not stopped repeating this assertion in any conference, meeting, newspaper article or congress that I attended. It seems that many are just now 'discovering' La Pampa following the events at Jacinto Araúz. And it makes us wonder...if the Irma Rick case falls apart, collapses, or otherwise becomes uncertain, does it change Pampean case histories to any extent? Absolutely not. Going back to this intricate experience, it is evident that the Judiciary will take its time. We should not expect incredible results of any kind. In the coming months or years, the Irma Rick Case will serve to set a precedent in the subject of abductions and witnesses with smartphones. In closing, the words said more than once by Dr. María Virginia Antón still resonate in my ears: "We investigate earthly matters."

[Translation (c) 2021 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos]