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Costa Rica: Increase in UFO Sightings Forecasted for 2023












Costa Rica: Increase in UFO Sightings Forecasted for 2023

Source: (Costa Rica)
Date: January 10, 2023

UFO expert Oscar Sierra is convinced that a significant number of extraterrestrial spacecraft sightings will be reported by Costa Ricans this year.

In recent days, we brought you the prophecies of seer Minor Khayyan who told us last monday - January 9, 2023 - that Costa Ricans will bear witness to a mass movement of UFOs.

"Costa Ricans will experience such a wave of unidentified flying objects as to leave them bewildered. Get ready for the sightings!" - the seer's prediction, verbatim.

Sierra, an expert in the field, remarks:"Costa Rica is a country with an elevated number of sightings per year, and each year we are increasingly confirming the presence of UFOs. I do not believe that 2023 will be different. Rather, since the number of people with camera-equipped cellphones is on the rise, sightings will also increase."

Foremost, the expert stresses that UFOs - as has been confirmed throughout history - increase their presence on Earth when there are major problems in the world. He reminds us that hundreds of sightings were reported during the Second World War.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine currently has the world in a state of agitation and on a war footing, which will cause an increase in these objects, according to Sierra. "Current worldwide upheaval, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, appear to cause an increase in sightings. We're currently dealing with the matter of Russia and Ukraine, seething volcanoes, and earthquakes in almost every continent. We should be prepared to see many UFOs in 2023."

Sierra explains that our country has hot spots - areas in which UFOs are frequently witnessed - which include the Arenal volcano and its surroundings, the ChirripĆ³ and Carpintera mountains, as well as the corridor between Ciudad Colon and Ciudad Neilly.

This UFO expert recalls that in in the late 80s and early '90s, when he began to speak out in earnest about UFOs, many of his fellow students at the University of Costa Rica mocked him and rejected him as insane.

In fact, the madness about discussing UFOs all the time was almost normal in Sierra's life. However, the wouldn't mind running into all those who insulted him and mocked him, now that prestigious universities like Harvard (United States) and NASA itself, as well as the Pentagon (the U.S. Department of Defense) now discuss UFOs.

"I am convinced that many space faring civilizations from different parts of the universe visit Earth. NASA, the Pentagon and universities have already taken on the subject, meaning there's something out there. We have confirmation that there was an increase in sightings during the pandemic(2020-2021). This is because they always manifest when the world is in turmoil, and COVID-19 rocked the entire planet," Sierra explained.

The expert has three sighting experiences. The first was in 1971, when he saw a black disk in the sky in broad daylight, which marked him forever.

He has seen over 10 UFOs in the sky in broad daylight on November 22, 1997 - a sighting that was even discussed by the media, since over 50 people witnessed the event.

The third one was in 2003 in the La California district, as the sun when down. He saw a sort of elongated cylinder with lights. On that day he was with one of his brothers who didn't believe in UFOs, and was very frightened.

"They (extraterrestrials) are aware of us. They have visited us for many centuries in vessels of all shapes. People think UFOs are only saucer shaped, but quite the contrary, their shapes are many. In 2023 no one can deny this, as the evidence is overwhelming and daily. We must go about with our cellphones ready for any sighting - it can take place not only looking at the sky, but also at sea, since it the presence of UFOs in the sea has also been confirmed," noted the expert in these objects.

Currently, UFOs are such a serious affair that the Pentagon opened a new office to follow up on unidentified flying object reports, confirming receipt of hundreds of new ones at the end of 2022. 

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