Thursday, January 26, 2023

Mexico: UFO Sightings at Mount Popocatepetl








Source: Diario de Morelos (Mexico)
Date: 01.25.2023

Mexico: UFO Sightings at Mount Popocatepetl

Social media has become one of the means for sharing sightings of unidentified flying objects, although they also turn out to be hoaxes, and Internet users no longer take them at face value.

Recently, the Webcams de México page shows the famous "Don Goyo" [name affectionately given to the volcano - Ed.] and several lights entering and leaving the volcano are in evidence. Theories on this matter have been put foward by experts.


According to some experts, several videos have served as evidence that alien bases exist in Mexico, and are occupied by beings from other planets.

Scientists have analyzed the UFO phenomenon and offered explanations that are far from the paranormal, saying they are satellites having their origin on Earth.

"The disapearing effect is possible because satellites enter the earth's shadow and cease to be illuminated by the sun. At the time the video was taken, it is exactly when this takes place, shortly after nightfall. The ISS can also disappear in a similar fashion," said Frontera Espacial on Twitter.

A Sighting in 2023

A user named Karla GC shared an immage in which a flying object is supposedly visible at the Popocatepetl Volcano. She entitled her photograph "Popocatepetl, the Moon and Possibly a UFO." 

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