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Mexico: UFOs over Mt. Xocotepetl







Mexico: A Hitherto Unknown CE-2

 UFOs  IN JOCOTITLAN - Cerro Xocotepetl and some milpa (maize field)

Autonomous University of Mexico State - Office of the Chancellor

Office of University Identity - College of Chroniclers

Authored by C.P. Carlos Chimal Cardoso

Chronicler of the UAEM Altacomulco University Campus (2017)

 It was the year 1994. when I worked as the Town Clerk of the Hon. Township of Jocotitlán, Mexico. One day in September, before leaving my home, I received a call from my friend Jesús Arciniega Lopez, who told me that something had happened on his property located along the road to Los Reyes, this side of the El Progreso district, but that he would only go and take a look if I was the accompanying authority.

Since his house is near the wellsprings, I headed off to see him, leaving some instructions at that Town Hall to deal with pending matters. He welcomed me with a certain degree of nervousness and we went off to the place in question.

Upon reaching milpa, where we were met by a squad car with the commander and some policemen, everything looked normal, as the corn had good husks, strong stems and a prosperous green color. We got out of the car and were met by some locals, who told us that the problem was inside the maize field.

We all went inside, startled at the sight: there was a circle of perfectly flattened corn with some 'streets' radiating to the sides, perhaps four or five of them with the same characteristics. We deliberated with those present as to what could have caused the situation.

The locals living nearby remarked in the early morning hours they had heard a noise like that of an airplane; when they looked through their windows, they saw a bright, powerful light descending, which eventually ascended slowly, and when it reached a certain altitude, a loud sound was heard. The light rose into the heavens. No further details were provided, as the mysterious object was a source of fear that kept people indoors until daybreak.

There was nothing strange when they reached the site, but there was the inevitable curiosity-seeker who decided to venture into the maize field and saw what was described earlier. Since that time, and until 10 a.m., which was the time of our arrival, all passing neighbors and locals had entered the milpa without finding an explanation.

Being more detailed-oriented, upon reconnoitering the site, no one present - and let me tell you, there were at least fifty people there - could guess what had happened. All we could see was the corn lying down as if blown down by a powerful wild. Beyond this space, the stalks of maize remained erect. In other words, there were no semi-flattened or tilted stalks.

Some said it could have been a helicopter; others said a prank created with a team of oxen or a tractor, but none of these theories worked, because we could not explain how they could enter the heart of the milpa without leaving traces.

We explored for nearly two hours, measuring, analyzing without reaching conclusions; furthermore, there were no sign of burns, or any liquids poured, only the maize stalks lying flat in the middle of the milpa.

A decision was made to consult an expert, and we left the scene, asking Jesús Arciniega and the neighbors to be watchful throughout the day.

Upon returning to the town hall, I was told that in the early morning hours there had been UFO sightings in Metepec and other parts of the state, and that some of these had even been recorded. From that moment on, we kept a watchful eye on the news.

I reached out by phone to the Secretariat of the Interior in Toluca to report the event, asking them to send out an expert to advise us. A while later we were told that a UFO researcher who claimed to be in contact with space aliens was scheduled to arrive in Metepec, and he would be asked to visit Jocotitlán to analyze the case.

Among the comments circulated was the fact that on many occasions, craft had been seen descending on Mt. Xocotepetl, and these could be mistaken for airplanes, as Jocotitlán is on the route to Mexico City, using the mountain as a point of reference before initiating descent.

They also said that [these lights] stop in mid-air, as if looking for the right spot, and then proceed to land. After a given period of time, which could be up to two hours, the lights would ascend and move off to the horizon. There was even someone who claimed to know someone who had seen 'them' on the mountain, who knew where they landed, that they collected vegetation from the mountain, boarded their vehicle again, closed the hatch and took off. Obviously, we never managed to contact this witness.

In the end, everyone would say: I heard it from this one, I heard it from that one, I heard about it at the cantina, my granddaddy told me about it, but no one was able to provide names and specifics to confirm the event.

Oddly, since that day, I have studied the mountain closely on clear nights and have seen lights that lose themselves in the great sacred mountain of Enguemore, whether down the canyons or in the dense tree canopy. Therefore, I have not been able to ascertain the exact landing sites or much less find out what they are doing. However, I think there are people who know more and are unwilling to discuss it.

But going back to the 1994 incident, we waited patiently for the UFO researcher until eight p.m. with no joy. Just as we were getting ready to leave, a squad car radioed to say that three Suburban trucks were ascending toward La Tenería. We got out of our vehicles and waited, and a short while later, around twelve individuals emerged from their conveyances. We were introduced to the UFO researcher, who was very haughty and barely spoke to us. He asked us to direct him to the precise location.

The flurry of activity prompted the locals to reappear, and upon entering the maize field, we looked like an army. The new arrivals, unable to their work, suggested that there was radiation in the milpa, a hazard to humans, and asked the locals to withdraw. I asked the police to enforce this request, which was impossible in a five hectare milpa, since as some were removed, others would get in through another opening.

The UFO researcher ordered that samples be collected of everything - leaves, stems, entire plants, soil, grass, branches from surrounding trees and even stones. He began quizzing the locals about what they had seen, and they repeated what has already been said, but the questions posed by his staff were so insistent and astute that some locals began saying that they had indeed witnessed the landing of a spaceship, that some very strange, skinny and long-faced creatures had emerged, that they had taken cultivars from the milpa and its surroundings. I was stunned by this, since no one had mentioned it before.

At the end of a two-hour-long exhaustive analysis by the arriving team, who collected everything they deemed important to determine what had happened, they boarded their pickup trucks. The UFO researcher told me that he was convinced - based on the evidence - that a UFO had landed on the site, as he had gathered similar cases elsewhere in the Republic, and that the State Government would provide us with the results of any laboratory tests. They left us as they arrived, filled with unanswered questions.

Days went by and some of corn plants recovered, becoming erect; most of them rotted with the subsequent rainstorms. At harvest time, Jesús Arciniega asked me if I had any news, to which I responded in the negative. So what should I do? He asked. Harvest as much corn as you can and start getting the soil ready for the next agricultural cycle, I replied.

The year ended and neither the Town Hall nor myself received any news whatsoever from the UFO researcher's analysis. What's more, the State Government knew nothing at all. They said that tests were still being performed on the collected materials and that they were startled by what they were discovering, but we remained on tenterhooks.

Twenty years have elapsed since this event without any response. But the fact that we saw something strange and hard to explain is undeniable. We are certain that the hand of man was not involved in it. What's more, flying objects are still being seen at night; with a powerful light different from that of aircraft. These lights land in the mountain and take off again, but no one has been able to explain these events.

To those of you reading me today, if this story captures your attention, you are invited to visit Mount Xocotepetl to see the sky on a clear night. I'm certain that you will see those strange lights and will wonder, as do I, if another world is in fact watching us, whether it is true that beings from other worlds are visiting us. Perhaps you can help me unravel this mystery, which I share with some local residents of Jocotitlán.

You are all welcome, and as my countrymen say, he who finds the base of operations of the strange creatures may find himself traveling to a place far beyond the moon, and upon their return, tell us about it. They would make this community even more famous. Anyone willing to raise their hand will be given more precise details on the wilderness of Mount Xocotepetl.

[Translation (c) 2023 Scott Corrales, IHU/INEXPLICATA with thanks to Carlos Chimal Cardoso]