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Panama: The Man Who Traveled Aboard a UFO



Source: (Panama)
Date: 11.19.2019
Article by Alexis Sánchez

Panama: The Man Who Traveled Aboard a UFO

It was the year 1996. I was walking along Las Americas avenue, near the Panama West bar, in the La Chorrera district, when I saw Máximo Camargo standing outside. He stared at me. I knew about him because he'd become front-page news when the President sent agents of the Institutional Protection Service (SPI) to fetch him in this city. I don't remember why, but I think it had to do with some information that Camargo had provided.

"You had contact with a UFO?"

He replied with his customary smile, "Yes! Did you see the report or the news item?"

Of course I'd seen it or read about it, and the way in which he described the event was striking.

That day I would listen to the description of how he had been lifted by a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and had been taken to the presence of three characters he described as gold-colored, and who would visit him on several occasions. On others, he would go with them.

He spoke with such conviction about the subject that he was even visited by Spanish author J.J. Benítez, the author of several books like 'El Caballo de Troya' (The Trojan Horse). Benítez visited him on several occasions to see if the story stayed the same and without any changes.

He lived in Tulihueca de La Chorrera, and traveled with the creatures nearly 57 times. He said: "I went along to be shown a world not far from our own in the Tilo solar system. They put me in a transparent capsule," he recalled.

Then he told me about the devices placed all over his body, items resembling electrodes. "I saw three standing up. Identical like a drop of water. All of them looked alike. Golden hair, small noses, small mouths. Perfect facial features." He told me that after 2020 there will be a major famine and a giant asteroid will arrive in 2023, more powerful than all solar systems (sic) and would displace Earth from its orbit. His mission, he told me, was to prepare people for the coming rapture. People will have to be ready for the rapture, and must be cautioned to be ready. They will come en masse so humanity will not be afraid. Humanity should be advised of the danger ahead.

At the end of his story, he asked me: "Do you believe me?" To which I replied: "I'm listening." Then the final blow: "If you want, I can take you with them to see that world," followed by "Do you accept?". I replied with a resounding "no".

But I asked him: "Did the aliens talk to you about Armstrong reaching [the moon] on July 16, 1969?" He looked at me, saying he would ask them "the next time he saw them."

I also asked him if the planet Venus was exclusively for women, and he laughed. "Stop teasing."

On subsequent occasions I'd come across him and ask about his next trip, but Camargo said he was waiting for the aliens to contact him, and was awaiting their signal. Another day we ran into each other and he told me about having visited Spain, Bolivia, Venezuela and the United States.

What always caught my attention is that he repeated everything verbatim to anyone willing to listen to him. As we can see, J.J. Benítez heard him out several times.

Today I've been informed that he's died. But since there are people in need of being listened to, I did so whenever I could. Perhaps on account of Max Ehrmann's Desiderata: Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.

Journey in peace, my dear friend. Perhaps now that you are with the aliens you'll keep traveling your world. Meanwhile I'll be on the lookout, waiting for 2023 and that giant asteroid you predicted. "Dust you were and dust you will be," says the Bible. Mission accomplished and safe travels, Maximo.

[Translator's note: The Tilo solar system possibly refers to the giant sun Tilar and the planet Hercolubus - fixtures of Latin American contactee lore since the 1970s. A collision between Earth and Hercolubus has been the mainstay of many contactee prophecies.]