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UFOs are Interdimensional











UFOs are Interdimensional

[From "The Courage to Face the Unknown: UFOs and the Interdimensional Hypothesis" by Scott Corrales, 1998]

In 1994, The Project Delphos Manifesto hoped to promote among its signatories the adherence to a single line of research aimed at proving that a considerable number of UFO sightings were of an interdimensional or paraphysical nature -- directly the opposite to the tenets of the ETH or Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. The initiative was spearheaded by French investigator Pierre Delaval, whose group, the Comission d'Etudes Ouranos, has long championed the belief that mankind has long been under the scrutiny of a non-human intelligence from another dimension or level of existence; Spain's Pedro Valverde and Ramón Navía, co-sponsors of the initiative, expressed the belief that "an extraplanetary force interferes in human affairs and with human minds, thwarting natural evolution since the beginning of time."

The Ten Commandments of Project Delphos

1. The UFO phenomenon is partially or wholly alien to the problem of extraterrestrial life, to which it has been associated almost always.
2. Many manifestations of the UFO phenomenon enter the realm of the paraphysical, a level whose highly-subjective nature can elude conventional scientific analysis.
3. Large networks of researchers in both America and Europe have managed to gather enough information to prove that many of the phenomena classified as UFO belong to the realm of the paraphysical.
4. There is a sufficiently abundant case history of phenomena that can be classified today as UFOs, and which constitute a proto-history of the phenomenon within the framework of ancient mythologies and the origin of religions which have become institutionalized in the present.
5. These manifestations are merely one of the multiple facets of a plane of existence or hidden universe, alien to our material world, that is subject to the laws of space-time.
6. Their interference in human affairs must be inserted within the context of a real occult conspiracy, possibly aimed toward a new world order.
7. It can be concluded that the UFO phenomenon and other unexplained manifestations occur within the parameters of a vast plan of deception.
8. It can be concluded that this plot or conspiracy has interfered, and continues to interfere with, humanity's normal evolution and that of our psychic ability by means of trivializing the occult in a strategy essentially aimed at the young.
9. This course of action encompasses psychic manipulation, altered states of consciousness, personality modification, telepathic control, etc.
10. The continued presence of the UFO phenomenon and its interference throughout history is proof positive of an intention and a strategy at the command of a force. The line of action proposed by the members of Project Delphos seeks to counteract this subversive action, which takes place at both the physical and mental levels.