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UFOs Traveling Between Parallel Worlds











Source: Mario Felix Lopez

Date: 01.22.2023

 UFOs Traveling Between Parallel Worlds

By Fabio Zerpa

6 March 1975

Punta del Este – Uruguay

 The following is a very common narrative among UFO witness, which can be multiplied by a thousand. On March 6, 1975, I was walking along Imarangatu Beach in Punta del Este (Uruguay) at around 20:40 hours when I saw a noiseless UFO with a very bright, reddish light, facing Gorriti Island. After a while it moved farther south, and once it reached the port, some 15 kilometers distant from our position, it began to engage in broad circles near the coastline at low altitude, changing colors intermittently.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a second UFO appeared, motionless, near the spot where the first one was executing its maneuvers. This new arrival blinked its light as if using it as a means to communicate with the UFO engaged in circular motions. The motionless UFO had a white light; similar to that of a mercury vapor lamp, so intense that it lit the water surrounding it. This light later changed to red before making its own circles over the water.

Once it had finished performing these maneuvers, it paused near the first UFO. Both began moving northward before vanishing like magic. The sighting lasted some three quarters of an hour, and it all happened in complete and utter silence.

Several witnesses: Javier Goldsman and his family. These witnesses can be endlessly multiplied, always repeating the classic “they vanished from sight” or also “they appeared out of nowhere”. We have eliminated, of course, the likelihood of mass hysteria, hallucinations, and all of the psychological phenomena put forward by SKEPTICS and NAYSAYERS, given that the condition of the events and witnesses point to a certainty of statement as well as a seriousness of investigation.

It is through cases like these that we concept of PARALLEL WORLDS, INTERDIMENSIONAL WORLDS comes about; worlds located beyond our own universe, both earthly and in the stars.

Fabio Zerpa.

[Translation (c) 2023 INEXPLICATA with thanks to Mario Felix López and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]