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Spain: A Flying Saucer Over Cabra











Source: Diario de Córdoba (Spain, newspaper)

Date: 09.19.2019

Article by Jose Manuel Morales

 Spain: A Flying Saucer Over Cabra

 The most disturbing case occurred in 1975 in [the town of] Cabra and had great media impact at the time. In the middle of the night, a young man called Francisco Romero was crossing an empty field when - according to his account - he saw a round, transparent object with five sources of light descend from the sky and stand before him. Within the object's interior, he was able to make out two gigantic humanoid figures that appeared to be seated, with their eyes fixed upon him.

The witness was seized by an overwhelming sense of fear when the humanoid figures began to communicate with him by means of telepathy, at which moment he fled in fright.

Perhaps most significantly, the object left a circular mark of burnt shrubbery right where the witness claimed it landed, subsequently corroborated by the press at the time. I recently had the chance of interviewing Francisco Romero in Cabra, and if something caught my attention, it's the fact that over forty years later, he still explains what happened in the same manner, without changing a single detail. His eyes show that the overwhelming encounter marked his life forever.

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