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A Massive UFO Recorded Over Cachi (2001)









 SOURCE: Diario "El Tribuno" (Salta, Argentina)
DATE: June 25, 2001

"It was the size of a football stadium," claims witness.

Massive UFO Filmed in Cachi

"This is the most incredible document that has ever been seen and I
achieved it with my own camera," said journalist Antonio Zuleta, who
filmed a giant UFO.

Journalist, mountaineer and marathon runner Antonio Zuleta nervously
contacted the newsroom of El Tribuno, and with good reason. "Listen to
me, brother," he said. "I've achieved the most amazing document. Last
night (Saturday 23rd) I shot some fantastic footage. I captured a giant
Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) on film. It was moving slowly over a
ridge located some 800 meters from town. It was immense--perhaps the size
of a football stadium. And the recording I have in my hands is so good
that I think it will become a document of unquestionable value to
researchers," he emphasized.

Antonio Zuleta, 59, is a well known character: he works for the FM San
Jose radio station and his adventurous spirit has made him famous. He
holds the world record of eight ascents of the mythic Nevado de Cachi,
one of the mountains which forms, together with Aconcagua, one of the
eternal challenges of Andean mountaineers has starred in a number of
sports achievements. Among them, linking his hometown with the capital of
Salta on bicycle and by jogging. Known as "El flaco Zuleta" (Skinny
Zuleta), this tall, rangy, angular faced, mustachioed athlete has one
further obsession: UFOs. "Its just that their presence here isn't a
recent thing," he explained." There are hundreds of accounts regarding
strange apparitions and even landings by these craft. I'm almost 60 and
have heard stories since I was a kid. This is the reason why the subject
interests me so, and I never go anywhere without my camcorder. I have a
late model Sony which has become my new travelling companion," Zuleta

The Sighting

During his phone conversation with El Tribuno, Zuleta furnished the
details of his "close encoutner of the second time" as ufologists define
these documented sightings.

"It was nearly 21:00 hours on Saturday. Cachi was still ablaze with the
St.John's Night bonfires. I was home with my wife Silvia and my four year
old daughter, who was burning with a fever. "We've got to go to the
hospital," said my wife after pointing out to me that the girl wasn't
doing so well. We covered her with a poncho, put her in the backseat of
the car and took off. As always, I brought my camera along.On the way out
of town, we noticed a flash over a hill at a distance of 800 meters and
ehaded westwards. The object was enormous and moved slowly at asome
15,000 meters , which leads me to believe it must have been the size of a
football stadium.  It gave off lights like streamers of red and green. It
was incredible. I filmed it for over 20 minutes and even had to climb
onto a mound to do it, since as it moved, it vanished from my angle of
vision. It suddenly accelerated to a fantastic speed and was lost in
space," said the witness.

Translation (C) 2001. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.