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Argentina: UFO Seen Once More in the Skies over Resistencia (2000)









Source: Diario NORTE (newspaper), Resistencia, Chaco --Argentina
Date: November 6, 200


Two spheres with a metallic appearance, shining in the sunlight, were
seen this past October 5th in the sky to the east of Resistencia in bold
daylight by four members of the same family. Moments later, another one
appeared and disappeared, descending and ascending with swift, guided
movements and managed to be caught on film for one whole minute. This is
the news that ufologist Osvaldo Sanchez, renown analyst of the Red
Argentina de Ufologia, gave NORTE after having analyzed it in all
respects, including examination of the film taken by Diego Romero, 21, a
student of the School of Economics of the UNNE.

* The UFO Event *

Sanchez tells the story thus: Mr. Atilio Romero, head of a respectable
household from Resistencia, was on the lower floor of his home on October
5, 2000, considering the possibility of cleaning out a swimming pool along
with his two sons and wife. The time was more or less 12:20 pm when he
looked eastward and saw something glinting in the sun. He told his family
about it and they were all able to notice how small spheres, some 20
degrees above the horizon, darted rapidly about, appearing and
disappearing, flying up and down and vice versa. A third sphere then
entered the scene.

The Romeros were fascinated by the vision, but remembered that they had a
camcorder in the bedroom. Diego ran for it and quickly tried to focus on
the objects although he had trouble in doing so: ultimately, he managed
to focus on one of them through the zoom lens and was able to clearly
make out that the UFO, while spherical, had a dome shaped structure on
its upper part which spun like a top. Before it landed, the witnesses
were able to see its balancing movement due to centrifugal forces.

** For Further Consideration**

Osvaldo Sanchez's analysis adds that Mr. Romero was able to distinguish,
prior to the camera being brought into play, a spindle-shaped dark form
that appeared to accompany the UFOs. This was not captured on the film,
but it is worth bearing in mind that the sighting itself lasted some four
minutes, that there were no noises whatsoever, except in the background
(the witnesses' remarks, the squawking of a parrot and the barking of a
neighbor's dog).

According to the witnesses, the objects were quite a distance from where
the sighting took place. The day was spectacular with high visibility.
When the video is seen in slow-motion and frame by frame, the last
seconds of the Romero video convey the effect of seeing a physical,
metallic vehicle moving through the atmosphere and engaging in planned
maneuvers prior to landing. The top-like spinning motion is a known
pattern of behavior within the UFO phenomenon.

Finally, Osvaldo Sanchez remarks that Mr. Romero gave him the video for
his analysis and only asked to be informed of the results. The clear
question here is: what were those spheres and what were they doing?

Translation (c) 2000. Scott Corrales/Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special Thanks to Gloria R. Coluchi