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Bolivia: UFO Allegedly Tries to Communicate in "Morse Code"









Source: LT7 Noticias (Radio)

Date: July 20, 2022

 Bolivia: UFO Allegedly Tries to Communicate in "Morse Code"

 "It transmitted its message and vanished."

 The new sighting of a possibly alien vehicle occurred in Bolivia and quickly went viral on social media.

 It is thanks to social media and the fact that currently everyone carries a camera-equipped, Internet-ready cellphone in their pocket nowadays, more UFO sightings than ever have been reported. We can witness new incidents of contact with these mysterious objects on a nearly daily basis.

 The latest sighting occurred in the Bolivian capital, La Paz. Residents claimed having seen a very powerful, blinking light that tried to imitate Morse code. One person remarked: "It was a light that blinked constantly, but was too bright and intense."

 Another local resident added: "It was blinking. It looked like it was trying to communicate via Morse code." Residents were able to record images of the putative alien object as it blinked for five minutes, as if conveying a message, and then vanished.

 Ufologist Angela Aguilar explained: "This Morse code was used in the past, and even binary codes were employed. This is how signals were sent from Earth searching for life on other worlds." Given this fact, it isn't unreasonable to suppose that if we are in fact dealing with a UFO, it would be trying to make contact.

 In order to assuage the concerns of the locals - and public opinion in general - it was noted that "there is nothing to fear", since if aliens exist, and their intentions were hostile, we would have suffered the consequences long ago.

 Local media contacted some of the residents who saw the UFO. One of them stressed: "I thought it was an aircraft, but after watching it closely, it wasn't. It wasn't a drone, either."

 Someone else added: "It's as though it had spoken to me. It told me 'look outside'. I felt summoned by something."

 Given that the luminous code could be a message, a group of ufologists is making an effort to decrypt it.

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