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Argentina: "Flying Saucer" Water Tank Wins World Competition












Date: 04.07.2022

Argentina: "Flying Saucer" Water Tank Wins World Competition

The Arroyo Cabral Flying saucer was crowned the winner of the World Water Tank Competition, a fact celebrated by the residents of this small community in northwestern Cordoba Province.

The finalists went head-to-head and the Arroyo Cabral "UFO" was declared the winner on account of its great detail. Its rival in the end stage of the competition was the "Jurassic Tank" of Serodino, which has a stunning design - a dinosaur crossing the tank.

The winning tank is shaped like an alien spaceship as conjured up by science fiction. A total of 32 structures took place in the event, divided into a group phase that yielded 16 competitors, then 8, and then the final round, claimed by the structure raised in Arroyo Cabral.

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