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A History of UFOs over Mexico


 Source: El Excélsior (Mexico)

Date: 07.29.23

 A History of UFOs over Mexico

 In the 1950s, aviator Cesar Lopez claimed having seen a saucer-shaped artifact, blue-green in color, as he flew over the Sierra de San Martin, from the city of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. The pilot's testimony was added to a significant list of sightings in that state.

 Around that time, a flying saucer appeared over San Carlos Yautepec, Morelos. Local residents beheld the artifact in flight for some 15 minutes over their community, at a height of only a few meters.

 A strange craft was reported in the vicinity of Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, only days later. A cylinder-shaped device made itself known over the port of Tampico, subsequently vanishing before the eyes of dozens of people who claimed to have witnessed the phenomenon.

 Some time later, Baja California became the scenario for a constant flying saucer spectacle. Reference was made in a considerable number of communities to flights of multiple craft crossing the skies in different directions. Aerial entities sharing similar characteristics were also seen over San Luis Potosí.

 Iguala, Guerrero, yielded a case where witnesses claimed seeing how a UFO that flew overhead lost altitude scant kilometers from the city in 1967, in the early hours of the morning. The driver and passengers of a bus very nearly collided with the intruder.

 According to the driver, he was blinded by a light, causing him to bring the bus to a shuddering halt; at that very same moment, a second flash accompanied the flight of the craft in the darkness. Local authorities reported to the scene for an investigation, with no conclusive results ever being achieved.

 The 1970s brought UFO fever to Mexico City, where people clustered in different areas looking for strange artifacts in the skies.

 A number of testimonies pointed to the discovery of a saucer in the borough of Tlalpan in the late 1950s. Despite no further information having been disclosed on the discovery, the situation was a matter for conversation among local residence.

 Several stories circulated regarding the experiences of residents of the capital city with the allegedly otherworldly craft. Peasants in Xochimilco claimed having been chased by a circular vehicle; farmworkers were terrified to the extent of needing medical care.

 UFO activity intensified in the skies over Mexico City in September 1965. Multicolored lights were reported from various parts of the metropolis, flying in various directions, vanishing into the clouds.

 "The fact of the matter is that the spectacle appeared to be more on the ground than in the sky, given the vast amount of saucer seekers, all of them with their necks craned skyward," reported El Excelsior on 30 September.

 The number of so-called "skywatchers" - people watching the heavens - was on the increase, despite considerable skepticism on the subject. Traffic on streets and avenues ground to a halt, as happened on Bucareli Avenue, where cars practically stopped to look up when a vehicle wandered overhead at that precise moment.

 Evening fell on a normal day in the capital city. Suddenly, in the vicinity of Insurgentes Avenue, hundreds of people claimed seeing a swarm of luminous object engaging in high-speed acrobatics. Amid the confusion, traffic came to a stop. The situation caused a collective hysteria.

 Something similar transpired when a member of the Sociedad Astronómica Mexicana managed to capture a strange shape with his telescope, as it traveled ad different speeds, displaying erratic movements. The images were studied and debated by experts without their origin ever being established.

 Another case in Mexico City involved three architecture students of the La Salle University, who claimed having established communication with inhabitants of the third moon of Jupiter. According to their testimony, an invasion of Earth was in the cards in following months. The story appeared in Excélsior's Breaking News.

 Sightings remained a presence in the streets of the city in the following years. The Monumento a la Revolución was one of the most frequent sights. Many said that UFO activity could be seen almost constantly in that location.

 One such case became known in the late 1960s when an oval object, projecting yellow and red lights, became visible. A group of onlookers gathered around the monument - some with cameras, others with binoculars - to better observe the nocturnal phenomenon.

 When a laser beam was installed at this monument in 1997, a formation of luminous objects became visible, photographed by bystanders. The objects were aligned and appeared to make abrupt movements, but in perfect coordination.

 In an effort aimed at establishing the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth, humans have spent a long time watching the skies seeking an answer to que question of reality itself.

 [Translation (c) 2023 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Excélsior]