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Colombia: Places Where UFOs Have Been Seen


 Colombia: Places Where UFOs Have Been Seen

An Article by Tatiana Munevar, Infobae, 14-Aug-2023

Although the U.S National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other air and space agencies have no proof of intelligent life beyond earth, Germán Puerta, director of the Bogotá Planetarium, broached the subject for El Tiempo:

“They are quite a common phenomenon. Seeing something one cannot understand can happen at any time, but analyses have concluded that these cases can be explained as astronomical, meteorological and even artificial events, bearing in mind that we now have satellites and drones that could mislead observers”.

The number of sightings over the years, especially since the 1950s, led the U.S. Air Force to create Project Blue Book to record sightings inside and outside the country to determine whether they constitute a threat to human beings or not. Among them, we are likely to find such Colombian cases as:

  •  Bogotá: In 1964, an Air Force T-33 made an unsuccessful attempt to reach an unidentified flying object that it found upon reaching El Dorado Airport.
  •   Tabio: In the mountains bordering Tenjo, another pilot came across a UFO, a blue one in this case. In the 1990s, a peasant claims having been abducted by a UFO in that vicinity.
  •   Cali: In recent years, people living near the military base have reported objects flying over the region, and which appear to be from another world.
  •   Puerto Salgar: It is not uncommon to hear stories from those claiming close encounters with alien beings.
  • Chicamocha Canyon: A circular blue-and-red object was found in this area.
  •   Tatacoa Desert: Several people claim that the area contains a hidden facility for spacecraft.
  •   El Zarzal: Beyond having seen something in the sky, locals believe that beings from another world, with human traits, live among the valley dwellers.
  •   Anolaima: City residents fondly remember the Arcesio Bermúdez case. He died three days after chasing a bright light in the sky, together with several children.

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