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Cuba: The Jaguey UFO (1995)


Source: Diario Girón (newspaper)

Date: October 20 1995

 Cuba: The Jaguey UFO (1995)

 MATANZAS, 18 October (AIN) An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was seen in the vicinity of the town of Torriente, municipality of Jaguey Grande, last Sunday morning.

Adolfo Zárate, a stallholder, who witnessed the strange event, stated that he was working in his field when he witnessed the descent of a saucer-shaped object from above, whose size was approximately that of a 'lightweight car'.

According to the 74-year-old witness, the flying object remained on the ground for several minutes, before a humanoid figure - dressed in camouflage and wearing a helmet - emerged from its interior. The occupant collected plant specimens before re-entering the craft.

Zárate added that the UFO began to rise, issuing a strange buzzing sound, vanishing toward the south with a loud detonation.

Authorities inspected the site and ascertained the existence of two strips of flattened grass and compressed soil.

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